Monday, April 24, 2006

Well, it has been a while isn't it? I've missed my blog too much. Seriously. Well, everything's fine right now. Totally fine. My life has been busy busy with my final exam rite now.. actually there are 3 more paper tht i have to sit. My paper bio..;-) i dunno how to describe it, but i hope i already have gave my best!! to suppress it ehmm.. maybe quite personal things.. should i hide it?? I know sum might says that am too much into personal stuff..haha.. but it never bothers me either.. becos this is my place where i brag about anything... or everything (errr am i that mindless to chew out everything here??.. huhuuu certainly only things tht i feel not soo confidential =P) but Yeah here is the place where it is more of like a dump side... Ermm it is here... where i share my heart feels as much as my plain thoughts.. ahaaa should i emphasize here it is my thoughts about my soo-personal life.. all i know is just to be myself here.. sorry for tht.. no offense ok.. I fell lonely even am being in a a middle of riuh2 rumates..but am still lonely... why huh?? hmm. everything cross in my mind now not really caught my attention. Maybe i've missed my family too much...maybe i've not totally ready to confront that am not with him for next semester..not ready to let him alone here.. perhaps i guess..There's sumting missing here..i just dunno to reconize it..okies.. i will continue later..peace!! ;-)