Thursday, December 28, 2006

Our special day celebration is today :-)

Our 4th Anniversary..
Hopes that our loves never fade and always be colourful..

There's no time to us to spend much time to go out but it just be enough to say we really enjoyed of what we've done today (^_^) even just a lil' bit moment (honey have to go work)but i cant forget it..i never forget it ;-)
This time..previous days, we struggled to make things to be clear..with all messy things..all i can say that i cant stand alone well if he's not around me..i cant live anymore without my wonderful parents and siblings..they gave me inspiration to face the messy things..Thanks everyone who walks in my life.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Bad news.. segamat gosh!!! bad flooded ;-( my kampung.. yang paling cian skali umah maksu. Teruk giler kena..even double storey but it's really scary!! dah paras dada..double storey dalam umah dah paras dada.. Ya Allah kami dapat news tu subuh2 semalam itupun makutih yang kol mommy 5.30 am. Mommy said, we all got nice slept but our kazen dah macam titanic kt sana. Unpredictable... tak penah banjir camni berlaku so everyone just speechless..
So today.. my abah ajak we all gi segamat u know abah anak sulong so his responsibility tu more laa die rasa..
okie.. hopefully nothing worst to go..bubbye!

*** my honey still working at klang..i'll meet u maybe on 25th key..

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

It’s been awhile.
a lot of things come and go, mostly feelings.
right about now these feelings are floating in my head as light as those fluffy feathers after a pillow fight.
there’s too many tunes playing in my mind as i tried to converse with the alter ego beside me and kick some sense into it,
but at the end of the day, i’d tell myself all over again,
the sick sad ending that you’ve thought you’ll have,
there’ll somehow be a silver lining on the road that takes time to reach.
enjoy life as positively as you can however the various format it’ll come.
most overused phrase in this small head of mine.
It’s already a few days till 2006 ends.
as usual, i’m just thankful im still breathing and i have more that what i expected early in the year.

happy 2007!

Friday, December 15, 2006

If you have LEFT ur DREAMs behind,
If HOPE is LOST, and If U NO Longer look AHEAD,
If ur AMBITIOUS fires are DEAD,
Then you are Old

But if FROM Life u take the BEST
And if IN Life u take the JEST
No matter how the years go by,
No matter how birthdays fly,

That passage which I happened to come across put all clearly about AGE. A physical beauty remains in younger age, but as the years goes by we became older and yet the beauty is NO Longer remain. The Physical beauty is like a bottle of Coke. It turns stale with times. but Mind is like a bottle of Wine, the longer it been kept, the better it becomes.
And for me, I might ignore about AGE and just wanna concentrates on setting out OBJECTIVES and PLANNING of things to work out. It might takes sometimes, it might takes a long path, never mind as long as I can reach the top of the hills. If this is a test and it is my destiny, I never feeling despair of wat ever God gave me. It just because GOD wanna give sum reward and so I need to be more patient and I wont push myself into rush or else i might ended life in the detriment. I want to find my happiness.....(^_^)

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Last thursday nite we all watched cinta movie..smgt giler nak tgk.Abis jer abg keja rabu tu kiteorg ke leisure damansara..tapi sia2 jer sbb rupe2 kt situ xde tayangan
movie cinta hehe kecian kami..rupe2nye tayangan perdana jer buat ctu. Then we changed to plan day we watched at JJ Bukit Raja at midnite.

It is quite a simple movie, themed on 'LOVE', and hence the title CINTA (Malay translation of LOVE.. well, at least one of the few words to describe 'love' ..)

"Age does not diminish one's capacity for love or need for companionship. The marching of time has not been kind to Elyas (Dato’ Rahim Razali), a retired schoolteacher. But despite illness and age, Rubiah (Fatimah Abu Bakar), a compassionate and kind woman sees Elyas's dignity and spirit shining through. Can you recognise the face of it, even if you have no memory of it? Does love have to end in your advancing years?"

"Love really does happen when you least expect it. An unexpected meeting leads to an unexpected depth of feeling for Azlan (Eizlan Yusuff), a wealthy, eligible bachelor who runs a publishing empire. He meets Azura (Fasha Sandha), a strong and independant if opinionated book store assistant and romantically pursues Azura. But when she falls for him, is this girl from a simple background finally good enough for him?"

"Dyan (Nanu Baharudin) is a rich, successful architect but unlucky in love. Trapped in a love triangle, Dyan is protective of her younger brother Dhani (Que Haidar), a struggling artist who seems to lack ambition. Frustrated that her brother is wasting his talents, Dyan urges him to change his life. What sacrifices are you willing to make for the one you love?"

"Ignorance is bliss. Harris (Rashidi Ishak) who has built a thriving architect's firm with Dyan, seems to have it all- a beautiful wife Airin (Rita Rudaini), a beautiful daughter, a beautiful life. Until he wakes up one day to find out that his perfect life is but an illusion. Does he fight for her to stay, or does true love mean letting go of the one you love the most?"

"Arianna (Sharifah Amani) is a young girl who is literally looking for love in the wrong places in the city with the help of a kind stranger, Taufiq (Pierre Andre), a young journalist with a struggling tabloid. By depending on the kindness of strangers, does Arianna find the love that she desperately seeks or does she finally sees the one that truly loves her?"

Overall..okayla. Abg said this story just a plain movie..
I asked him what he got..what's da moral of da story.. he said, love need patience.. love need communication.. and then i continued him.. love need trust.. love need each other to be understand every part of life.. then he gave me a big meaning smiled..

Monday, December 11, 2006

I'm back.. rindu...i miss blogging!!! Byk yang dah berlaku... i still teman abg di shah alam.. he's work while am doing our tshirt some new designs. To face obstacles need a brave spiritual.. motivation.. need patience.. sacrifices..
I wakes up everyday wit a wish that my present day would be better than yesterday.. As a saying 'Yesterday is a HISTORY.. Today is a PRESENT.. Tomorrow is a GIFT..' Ouchh.. Im really in a bad time.. suffering fr a terrible backache lateLy.. maybe due to the hectic hours i had.. lacking of rest time.. Maybe sum people might see im smiling thou they never knew wats the burden inside me.. Yeah..of cos i still could laugh a lot.. still being a cerry-merry-gal like before.. Hah but my Life isnt so easy as wat they see.. it is like a gold fish in the aquarium.. it looks happily swimming (and they even popped smily face when i fed them..) Actually wat people see never resemble wat exactly my Life is.. though i never regret for being myself.. a deep thankfulness wish to GOD.. for all the precious moment i had along my life so that i could be who i am today..
As i would select apart of the Joey Mcintyre's song which also was my fav song before....

I think that you could be Whatever you wanted to be
If you could realize All the dreams you have inside
Don't be afraid If you got something to say
Just open up your heart And let it show the way
Don't you ever wish You were someone else
You were meant to be The way you are exactly
Don't you ever say You don't like the way you are
When you learn to love yourself You're better off by far
And I hope you always stay the same Cuz there's nothing about you I would change
Believe in yourself Reach down inside
The love you find Will set you free
Believe in yourself You will come alive
Have faith in what you do You'll make it through

"When you learn to love yourself You're better off by far.." Yeah, no one would ever hurt themself..and i suppose to believe in have faith in mylife.. that's wat i should.. and May god show me the rigthous path along the way of my journey towards and only creator Allah swt.. -Amin-

P/s: I've already watched Cinta and Cicakman with him (^_^) so i'll tell here later..

Friday, November 24, 2006

Today all my family getting here Shah Alam.. school holidays..but not me!! am still have one paper this sunday!!! Ouchh...:-( kecian btul.. tp i still can join them jalan2 kl hehehe..(^_^)
Am not telling u that i actually really really ready to sit this paper so that's why am getting worried.. padan muka!!! Tonite plak we all nak tgk teater kt Istana Budaya.. theater musical Pi Mai Pi Mai Tang Tu.. ni sumer sbb my aunty works dapat slalu tiket free. Ingat nak ajak abg (my syg) skali join.. he's now pun tgh lepak we only get 6 seats.. probably next time i'll ask him. Citer pasal abg.. hmm abg dah merdeka skrg.. and doa byk2 supaya abg dapt sambung ******** in shah alam with me..Amin!!
Paper yg akn diambil Ahad nie paper Quality & Assurance in Food Tech. So i'll stay up tonite nampaknyer.. This morning we all gi Seramic World kt Selayang..hmm overall not bad laa.. tercapailah hasrat abah tadi..sbb dah lamer sgt mengidam nak ke sana almaklumlah..rumah baru kiteorang akn dibina just in two weeks huhuhu..tak sabarnyeee..
After paper nie on 26th.. maybe i trus balik mersing.. tapi abg ajak keja samer2 kt klang. Well we not have well confem yet..under discussion. Next time i'll will post here our photo motor cycle hehehe..okie..selamat bercuti semua!!!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Today I have got my human and food nutrition paper.. so far it was killing me!! killer paper subject u know!! Hmm.. so teribble :-( abg hantar and picked me back by motorcycle. Nampak muka abg jer after abis paper tu..rasa lega skit. Abg datang Shah Alam and temankan aku di sini sampai next paper die on 23rd of Nov.

Spared time with him around Shah Alam,Klang, and K.Lumpur.. biaselaa.. makan2..jalan2.. tapi yang tak dapat dilupekan mase kt KLCC.. my favorite brooch terhilang (^_^) seday sangat!! ;'( tapi nak buat camane kan...

I stay at my sis place now..kena jaga budak 2 org tu sara and uya sbb akak ade dinner funtion tonite..
i've missed him..(=_=)

Thursday, October 26, 2006

U know this petronas raya advertisement makes me feel "semacam" because that woman also called 'nanie'.. berbulu jer rase hehehe.. everybody in my family said u be watch out!! aisey.. please laa i'm not that type of lady laaa.. to abg pun.. asyik perli.."syg, jangan lupe pakai lampin tau..!!!" but this stuff remains sumting important in comings years.. remember guys, we have to look after our parents as what they do a lot of sacrifices for us.. a lot of things just wanna look their children to be someone.. to be somebody in future!! love them...take care of them..until the end of time!!

Okey.. i have to start packing my things ;-) we will travel to segamat at 2.00pm. Ye Yeh.....balik kampung!! So pity... baru nak balik kampung huhu:-P

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Hari ini hari raye kedua. Kemeriahan hari ni kurang menyerlah dibandingkan denan hari semalam. tadi lebih kuran kul 2.00 thghari akak and family bertolak pulan ke Tanjung Tualang, Perak umah mak mertuanyer pulak. umah nie automatik menjadi sepi tanpa suara sarah and uya lagi.. anak-anak sedare nanie. Agenda hari nie hanye melayan tetamu-tetamu yang datang. Esok hari baru kami semua bertolak ke segamat kampung belah abah.
Zaman dahulu time2 raye nie memang sangat2 ditunggu oleh nanie. That time arwah atuk and atuk mak masih ade lagi. Semua family abah mesti balik sebelum 1 Syawal lagi. Kiteorg (my family) mesti bertolak petang malam raya tu.. so bile sampai ajer.. family pak ngah, family pak utih, maksu.. pakcik dah ade cuma basically family pak uda mesti sampai last daripada kiteorg huhu:-P Abah anak sulung so as usual mak mesti jadi orang kuat @ tulang belakang menyediakan juadah di pagi raya.
Kenangan itu semua tetap menjadi ingatan nanie sampai bila2. Kenangan yang terindah.. sekarang semua itu dah berbeza.. keadaan dah berbeza.. sejak 3 tahun yang lepas kami sekeluarga akan beraya di rumah dulu.. almaklumlaa abah cakap kiteorang dah ade keluarga yang besar.. mom dan abah dah ade menantu dan cucu.. So betul juga kan.. Kalau belah mom plak.. kat seputeh,batu gajah, perak.. memang dah lamer atuk and nenek meninggal since nanie umur 4 tahun lagi. Cuma kadang-kadang kiteorang balik jugak perak bila ade gathering family adik beradik mom. Next year insyaallah we all akan beraya di rumah baru.. tak sabar rasanyer.. abah plan nak ajak semua adik beradik abah buat gathering di sini..:-)
About him.. abg hari nie bertolak pulang ke klang pulak kampung belah ayah. Semoga abg sekeluarga selamat dalam perjalanan. Nanie tak sabar jugak nak jumpe sedara2 esok hari di segamat.. rindu semua orang..
About me.. risau laa final paper start 30th nie.. tapi study cam tak study jer. Nanie akan kembali ke shah alam on 27th nie ikut abg fizi. Okey lah.. da~~

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Selamat Hari Raya

Ramadhan comes and goes, and Syawal is just right at the corner.Time really flies,hope all of us have a barkah Ramadhan.Will make it to the fullest,though the feelings, the same feelings of "sayu", each and everytime with Syawal comes, remains... sambil mendoakan agar pada yang telah pergi digolongkan di antara orang2 yang beriman.
May you guys have a blissful Lebaran.

For all my frens, I'll pray hard & continue to hope that our relationship would be a smooth one. Even so, i pray that we'll go thru every thick & thin, shits & swits together.

And to you, whom i had caused a lot of anger & hurt, i seek ur forgiveness everynow & then for all the things that i did & the words that i've said. I know this 4 years had not been an easy one for us.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Tomorrow is Hari Raya.. :-) ouchh.. i just came back sweet home. Nanie balik dgn akak semalam. We sampai kul 8.30pm. Well masa tu abg fizi pun dah tiba dulu.. memang best!!!
Kelmarin dan semalam nanie sempat jumpe dgn abg. Abg akan pulang beraya ke melaka ari ni. There's many things happened recently..even the things that unexpectedly ruined my life..:-( but that things already been settled.. ye ker dah settle?? hopes soo.... hidup ini kalau tak dihias dgn cabaran tak seronot laa.. seperti menjadi rencah dalam masakan.. tapi kite kena kuat bertahan dengan segala dugaan dan ujian tu.. kalau kite lemah abislaa.. kita akan tewas..dan segalanya menjadi sia2 belaka.. Nanie pelik jugak kenapalaa mesti ade saja yang menguji both us. Matang laa.. harap menjadi matang...
This is cake we craving soo much..hehehe indulgence from secret recipies.. and bought.

Hurm.. nanie punyer persiapan hari raye quite simple.. this year.. nanie n abg shopping baju raye warma turqoise..
I've missed yatie soo much!!! what u do now...
Okey.. abg just sms me.. dah siap rebus ketupat...:-P
I'll continue then..

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Happy birthday to my honey..Abdul Hafidz bin Kamaruddin:-)
I already wish u*secret* just now.. hopes everthing will be fine.. coz i really need u..very very much.. Luv u soo much!!! mmuahh:-*

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Today is my sista 28th birthday.. so I wish u find yr happiness and happy family. Well.. There’s a lot things to share here.

1st happy Ramadhan to all Muslim over the world especially to my family.. relatives.. friends.. and my syg.

2nd went cinema watched (Heart, My super X-girlfriend, Devil wears Prada)
Well this happened last weekend.. I went with my housemates just because to release tension I guess.. all movies without!! Last weekend he have to help pak jang who already shift to Kuantan (somewhere in Indera Mahkota) so abg bwk all his housemate gotong-royong angkat barang n kemas rumah tu.. siannyer.. takpelaa amal jariah rite dear..
And me pulak.. that day, pagi ade modul kat uitm dr kul 8.30-5.00ptg.. so bored! Hmm..mase tgk citer heart tu time besday kirenye nie one of her celebration day laa tgk movie. Basically citer heart nie sedih sangat! Even orang kata citer nie biase sajer..but for me there’s one thing that u cant deny that love need need sacrifices.. Abg pulak ckp die sedih sbb tak dapat join tgk movie tu..and die tak sabar nk dgr kisah tu from me..*sabar ye* and I love listening to it’s OST- it’s killer song..

“Di sini kau dan aku terbiasa bersama..
Menjalani kasih sayang..
bahagia kudenganmu..
Pernahkah kau menyintai hari yang paling indah..
Kuukir nama kita berdua..
di sini syurga kita..”

Citer seterusnyer my super ex-girlfriend.. citer nie mula2 mcm superman laa pulak..tapi citer nie motif byk pasal cinta..dan banyak adegan mengarut laa.. next Devil wears Prada.. hmm this all about hantu fashion.. and oklaa..not bad laa.

3rd My tonnes of assignments.. well last day i had presentation about food science and technology.. well to be exact this more like public speaking.. you have to talk in front of 150 students just about 7 minutes. Huh.. i've done it!! Yahoo.. tak tau laa ape yang nanie merepek kat depan tapi i try to tell them about raw food is better than cooked food.. ini bukan sajer2 ckp kosong kat depan..tapi must have evidence due to discovery scientific method.. it's means ..this topic actually dah di proove kan by one scientist just before.. Next i have grouping assignment for writing reports and also for Quality subject :-] *tired*

4th I have five tests in this couple weeks!! Ohh.. soo terrible :-(

So okay laa i break here.. well i've miss him soo much!!! Selamat berpuasa semua:-) hehehe...

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I felt too glad during my convocation day when abah and mom came and also my syg ;-) actually this was a lil' bit surprised to me coz actually he didn't mentioned me to be there. "Syg.. abg ade klas ari tu kan..sorry yer.." that what he said before. Tibe2 jer.. he came..hehehe! Hmm.. nak cakap byk2 dah takde masa.. actually am in library doing my assignment so i cant take much any longer time bubbling here. I'll try to find another day to tell the whole story on my graduation day... luv u all very very much!!! mmmuahh!!! :-*
Here sbhgn gmbr..i'll paste here another photos;-) *wink*

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Tomorrow morning i have to go back shah alam..uwaa!! i really really dont want to go.. but the time has comes ;-( my work still not well done.. Somebody asked me why soo early back to shah alam?? hurmm.. actually nak ckp cmner yer..hati nie pun malas nak balik awal2 nie tp on saturday morning tu kena amik jubah utk konvo yg akan berlangsung ari isnin 11th Sept nie. So nak tak nak kenalaa balik awal. Citer pasal konvo nie..sedaylaa sbb tak dapat konvo samer2 abg..Tp xpelaa insyaAllah ijazah nanti kan abg;-) Hari tu masa balik mersing tiket dr kl dah terpakselaa blik ikut abg ke jb dulu..dah laa dapat tiket kul 12 am. Kami sampai skudai kul 4.30am.. then dalam kul 5 am lebih trus shoot ke mersing.. yang touching tu abg bg nanie drive tu.. bkn sbb keta ayah!! waja ayah tu.. wah..wah..wah.. takut beb!! tapi sbb abg suruh jgk so bwk jer laa..risau laa keta ayah kan.. ingat bwk kenari ibu..tapi best gak bwk jalan jb-mersing adventure tau..speed jer laa. So smpi mrsing kul 7.30am.. tgk kt umah xde saper..sah sah mom abah xbalik jogging lagi. Abg suruh kol mom.. then abah ajak breakfast kt luar.. around 11am abg blik skudai semula sbb ayah nak guna kereta..:-P so that's what happened during i came back sweet home..
Okeylaa..i have to start packing my things.. i have to go now.. after this i will tell here about my graduation day ;-P hopes all people that i love will be there.
Tomorrow morning i have to go back shah alam..uwaa!! i really really dont want to go.. but the time has comes ;-( my work still not well done.. Somebody asked me why soo early back to shah alam?? hurmm.. actually nak ckp cmner yer..hati nie pun malas nak balik awal2 nie tp on saturday morning tu kena amik jubah utk konvo yg akan berlangsung ari isnin 11th Sept nie. So nak tak nak kenalaa balik awal. Citer pasal konvo nie..sedaylaa sbb tak dapat konvo samer2 abg..Tp xpelaa insyaAllah ijazah nanti kan abg;-) Hari tu masa balik mersing tiket dr kl dah terpakselaa blik ikut abg ke jb dulu..dah laa dapat tiket kul 12 am. Kami sampai skudai kul 4.30am.. then dalam kul 5 am lebih trus shoot ke mersing.. yang touching tu abg bg nanie drive tu.. bkn sbb keta ayah!! waja ayah tu.. wah..wah..wah.. takut beb!! tapi sbb abg suruh jgk so bwk jer laa..risau laa keta ayah kan.. ingat bwk kenari ibu..tapi best gak bwk jalan jb-mersing adventure tau..speed jer laa. So smpi mrsing kul 7.30am.. tgk kt umah xde saper..sah sah mom abah xbalik jogging lagi. Abg suruh kol mom.. then abah ajak breakfast kt luar.. around 11am abg blik skudai semula sbb ayah nak guna kereta..:-P so that's what happened during i came back sweet home..
Okeylaa..i have to start packing my things.. i have to go now.. after this i will tell here about my graduation day ;-P hopes all people that i love will be there.

Monday, September 04, 2006

This is some of photos which had been taken by amad (azhani's) on stephanie's wedding ;-P well..who's next hehehe...

we can see a splash of cheerish comes from this wedding day.. bkn sajer seronot tgk steph kawin tapi..jumpe semula dgn ajai,azhani,and amad..

congrulats steph and josh... sorry tak dapt hadir kt mersing coz ade perkara yang xdpt dielakkan.. at least we came kt subang nie..

wah..bestnyer..time potong cake..

see.. sukenyer dpt mkn ice cream ;-)

beside me on the right ya..that's hasba my housemate..kena pakse dtg jgk..actually ade juga ika..and ros!!:-)

darling..why u soo happy??

ehmm.. sepatutnyer foong kena keje..cian die.. so inilah yang ade!!

ohh.. i cant believe u be a wife now...hehehe..

Monday, August 28, 2006

Hari ni tgk majlis persandingan ct and datuk k ;-) hurm that's it!! i could not say anything..freeze!! oklah..hopes she (ct) will find her happiness with her dream lover ones. Tapi geram betullah sbb hari ni jugak nanie terlepas nak tgk prison break ;-( seday sgt!! camner ntah terlupa nak bukak..that's one of my fav siries movie show. Last weekend, on saturday am going kl with hasba. Kiteorang pegi without planning pun. Sebnrnye nak beli tiket ke jengka rabu ni. Kedatangan nanie ke jengka tu bukan semata2 nak menyambut hari kemerdekaan dgn abg hehe..kelakar jer.. tapi sbnrnye ade hal lain jugak.. berkaitan dgn urusan business nanie. So tu yang nanie turun jengka.. masa FESKEM kat uitm jengka, insyaAllah abg akn bukak gerai.. so i can help him also.
Actually, mom and abah ade kat umah akak sekarang (sek13). They come here coz wanna visit my niece (abg fizi's daughter) which will be having an operation tomorrow morning at hospital serdang. Sbb aper.. i cant tell here.. tapi harap2 semuanya selamat esok. nanie akan pegi tgk jugak hannah.. after class pg esok mom akn pick nanie at uitm. Esok pagi ade test tak boleh nk ponteng hehehe... Dinner tadi nanie masak tomyam campur.. tibe2 teringin nak makan. tapi tak sedar diri ade gastrik..
Okeylaa.. time to study :-) tak sabar nak jumpa family esok pagi!!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Haii.. nanie kembali dengan cerita yang panjang. Dont ask me why am taking a long time to be here. Banyak perkara yang telah nanie lalui. Banyak perkara juga yang nanie pelajari. Nak diceritakan terlalu banyak pihak yang akan persoalkan.. jadi selama ini nanie mengambil keputusan hanya berdiam diri. Bak seperti lagu pengantin baru kite, Ct "Biarlah Rahsia" .. tapi sampai bile tu??
Sekarang nie kul 12.30 am.. my eyes dah half shut!! sabar ye.. Tadi ptg abg baru balik jengka dgn motor. Frankly speaking, nanie mmg tak berapa setuju dgn tindakan abg bawa motor. Tapi pasal aritu tak dapat tiket.. jd nanie tak boleh nak kata ape2. Sbb kedatangan abg kali ni bukan hanya nak jumpe nanie tapi there's sumting more important to settle down. U know.. running our business it's not easy like what people might thought. Mcm2 jenis client yang kiteorang berurusan.. mcm2 jenis kilang yang kiteorang kena laa.. mcm2 ada.. nak explain kat cni susah sket. Tapi tanggungjwb tu kami kena pikul sampai abis.
nanie kt cni nak ucap time kasih byk2 kat abg syg.. kalau tiada usaha dan semangat abg tu turun cni seminggu nie hanye nak uruskan business kami..i dunnolaa nak cakap sbb susah kalau nanie sorang tanggung, so am really proud of you. And without you my life it's so empty.. tak sekuat hari ni. Sumtimes, abg pun tibe2 msg nanie bgtau die dah xlarat dgn mcm2 dugaan yang dtg dlm business kami, but then nanie try give him back spirit and confidence..
Hmm.. dalam minggu ini jugak ade tragedi yang berlaku, my helmet kena curi..seday!! This happened at klang while both of us seronott lepak kat secret recipies.. tu laa sbnrnyer ingat nak take away jer cake..tibe2 nanie teragak nk mkn 'cake choc fudge' and abg pulak 'american brownie' hehe..then sampai jer enterance that shop, abg trus ajak duduk mkn kt ctu. Abis jer makan kiteorang looked at outside my helmet already gone;-( Aper nak buat.. after that trus cari helmet baru kat shah alam. i be slumber naik motor tanpa helmet dah laa tu ikut federal highway pulak tuh.. memang tak dapat lupa laa..orang kiri kanan tengok nanie tak pakai helmet semacam jer hahaha... Haritu jugak kiteorang bermalam kat umah akak sbb dah terlalu penat and we all exicited sgt bincng pasal joining business baru;-)
Ape2pun dalam seminggu nie nanie rasa happy sgt maybe sbb abg dekat dgn nanie.. pegi klas dgn abg and balik abg tunggu so rasa lain.. sbb before this nanie kena lalui everything sorang2..memang rase tertekan sgt. Thanks dear!
Pasal study pulak.. bertambah byk.. i'll have 3 presentation after midterm. So kena keje lebih masa laa after this nanie!!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Nanie telah tinggalkan blog nie hampir dua minggu yer.. that's so long time! Okeylaa.. that's also can proove that i'm really in a pack time.. either i can slept nicely or spend time to eat properly.. i just cant do it!! uwaaa... so now actually inside library for doing my assignment and luckily i've done it already and at fisrt i thought it will takes a few more minutes hehehe.. so nanie minggu nie sibuk sebab banyak benda kena buat.

@ i have 2 test this week..human nutrition and food microbiology.
@ a few assignments about i. quality> analyze the man of quality of the world > Juran, Crosby, Ishikawa, Deming, you familiar with these man?? ;-P they were special person who seriously contributed with some rules of quality control system whereby u can see it still been used until now! ii. lab report> 4 lab reports for food microb subject which i've to find those illustrations in a several tonnes of books at library ;-(
@ at same time, we (my housemates) actually spend our sparring time to decorate our house since 2 last day (well..tibe2 kwn dtg bt assignment kt umah nak cantikkan rumahlaa)
@ this week i start to do notes on some subjects especially human nutrition.

Last weekend i did not come to wedding steph in Mersing sbb ade test and that day jugak settlekan ptptn and business stuff. We just met and so far we just spent a lil bit time at midvalley before he droped me at klcc to join with my brother and sis inlaw. So we (abg & me) decide nak gi majlis yang berlangsung kat dewan 3k Subang on Friday nite. Nanie nak ajak jugakla housemates (hasba&ika) join me tonite. Haritu dah bli sumting for them dgn ika..n hopes they'll love it. And actually in previous weeks, i'm not really enjoy exactly in stead of problems that i have..and basically i cant chew everything not telling u the truth but, there's a thing is burning inside my heart now..tension!!! hopes "it" will be gone as soon as possible.. my head feels to be crack too..haih so damn!! Okey.. tonite we'll be at step's wedding insyaAllah..

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I spent a sweet moment last last weekend was abg turn to visit me.. and my parents also be here ;-) very very happy weekend. Abg bertolak dari jengka ari jumaat as asual pas abis klas ptg tu.. and stayed kat abg yus's place at Klang. We met on Saturday and me already arranged everything supaya semuanye berjalan dgn lancar without any spoiled!! We were going to JJusco Klang.. layan movie "Lady Water". Hurm very abstract ones, well at first i thought it's a horror kind of movie but sbnrnye tak. Mengisahkan dewa laut nak balik ke tempat asal but dalam masa tu kena mintak pertolongan dari beberapa orang supaya dapat sempurnakan hajatnye ;-P abg tak habis2 ckp citer tu kelakar..hmm.. oklaa.. memanglaa ade some part yang kelakar..kalau tak mesti tak best!!! hehehe.. then we had some tea time kat Secret Recipe,enjoy a slice choc cake then moved to window shopping activity ;-) tp at last shopping jugak..aisey;-P both of us bli kasut hehehe.. kelakar!! tu kire save laa sbb just only shoes. kalau tak abis laa kiteorg shopping sakan almaklumlaa mega sale(^_^).. eii..nasib baik both of us dah pandai nak save2 stead of abg br bli motor..our 1st transport;-)Insyaallah akan datang bertambah lagi our 2nd transport kalau betul2 ikut our budgetlaa..sooner i'll drive our car..insyaallah! So memang skrang nie perbelanjaan memang dah dititikberat..once u nak bli sumting sumer kena's not easy way u know. Ok back to my story..
We had our dinner at padang jawa. Sbnrnye tempat nie famous dgn seafood and tom yam.. jd nanie and abg pilih ikan kerapu masak sweet sour, kangkung belacan, tomyam campur..hurm abis licin kiteorang ratah ikan tu hehehe.. best sgt!! dah laa tu layan AF konsert skali kat situ sampai abis baru kiteorg chow.. Abg then antar nanie balik my rumah sewa.
Next morning plak my parents datang picked me and we all gi shopping lagi... but this time tak bleh cakap ape2 laa.. sbb dgn parents so bleh laa nak bli aper2 yg nanie nak..hehehe. Sempat tunjuk kat mom kasut yg bli smlm dgn abg. Then mom said, "haih.. what to happen with u guys.. pengsan camni every weekend sorang dtg cni laa..sana laa.." then nanie cakap only this semester jer..kena berkorban.. tapi not laa setiap minggu mom.. next sem insyaAllah abg kat cnie..Nasib mom and abah paham situasi kami.
One thing, my best fren,Steph will getting married ;-) on 5th of August nie!! Tp cam tak dapat nak datang jer.. abg n nanie masing2 ade hal penting.. But abg kata tadi die ade plan..hurm..hopefully ade jalan penyelesaian.. Aper yer nak bagi present kat die and her future husband ;-P

Friday, July 28, 2006

23rd of July was my birthday ;-P Hurm.. i really have missed my blog!! So here we go.. Sbb dah 2 kali weekend abg visit me at shah alam..jadi nyee this week going my turn laa turun jengka hahaha.. seperti kata abg.. it's being not fairlaa asyik abg gi jenguk syg.." ;-) so i kept that promise to jengka..and plus to celebrate my birthday.. but he actually didnt remind me anything about celebrating it so curiously in my mind.. does he remember my birthday i just wonder. On Friday nite nanie sampai temerloh and abg picked me. Stayed 2 nite at cokma and da gang's place. Then on Saturday morning he asked me to going Kuantan.. well dah jumpe die so everything abg of course dah arrange nak ke mana2 then i just follow. We tak sempat layan movie at just window shopping jer. I took this opportunity and asked him.."abg, esok ari aper ek?" then he just feel nothing and suddenly smiled and answered me " Ahad laa syg!". I felt a bit sad..but then he whispered closed to my right ear and said " your birthday dear..mestilaa ingat!" hehehe..
The next day.. before i went back shah alam he gave me sumting.. so sweet!! Thanks abg..
About my study pulak..
I dont know how to describe my feeling with new subjects and to adapt new course. But so far..overall.. i can handle it. Believing that i dont have any notes yet.. but nanie tgh btul2 struggle pinjam dgn GG,my old friend. Actually this course really interesting ;-P ari2 cakap pasal makan.. seroonoottt!!! So people around me..kire2nye nak pointing especially my housemates..ika and hasba.. they always argue with me about food lately nie!! geraaammm sgt!! hehehe almaklumlaa blajar pasal nutrition facts and so on.. tapi best gak kenakan dorang ;-P
Ni sbnrnye ade assignment about quality in terms of food industry.. i just finished it..alhamdulillah.. nak submit ptg nie baru nak buat.. ade ker patut?? no.. yg sbnr benarnye.. yesterday dah cr information kat internet..but tak cukup masa nak menaip last nite (^_^) *reasonlaa tuh..
Okies.. thanks to all my frens yang still remember my birthday.. thanks soo much!! Mmuahh!!

Friday, July 14, 2006

It's been a while i stop blogging ;-P well am quite busy previous days complete my registration day and my new subject!! Aih damn... soo tired! my life..sucked!! tension... my head gonna started crack seriously. But i still try to maintain.. body and soul hehehe..
Actually even though the dateline of registration for new subject is coming just for next week but we still cant solve the problem which come out last moment yesterday!! Our schedule is already done but now they seem look like they actually clash with others subject.. yay!! so badly.. hurm..just now i went shopping with ida,hasba and ika.. well..well.. i had bought some new blouses, tudung and brooch ;-) i try to find a bag for kuliah..but u know me..a bit fussy and the time was very short. Maybe i will try again tomorrow with abg plak since he is now on the way to kl visit me here..oppss okaylaa..i got to go now..ini pun curi2 masa kat lab comp huhuhu.. i'll continue soon.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Today i go shah alam.. and i wonder when will i do write again here!! okies.. until everything clear then i shall be here (^_^)

Thursday, July 06, 2006

At last France's winning goal came when Thierry Henry went to ground under a Ricardo Carvalho challenge after 33 minutes and Zidane struck his spot-kick low to Ricardo's right.Zinedine Zidane will finish his career on the greatest stage of all after his first-half penalty proved enough to take France past Portugal.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Today i have to start for packing my stuff!! malas sey!! erm.. tibe2 terpikir nak shopping plak (^_^) yay!! hari nie sbb boring then terjumpe satu website nie and terpikir nak bli handbag ;-) well..well i was looking for a white handbag tp mayb a bit fussy then i could not buy yet. i know there are many white handbags out there but yet still didnt catch my attention.. fussy rite? they were none my taste. So today i found these and i'll finding them when i have ready hehehe.. is it look nice??
or i prefer this one ;-p

I know sumtimes what we plan didnt come exactly what we want to. Life is full of surprises!! U dont have an idea of that. What u see not what u will get (^_^) But i'll never stop to make any decision.. we have right to choose anything we like, rite guys.. Somhow try to accept everything which has come to your life!! never regret of anything because Allah create already the best story of our life.. u just have to feel that..touch it concernly..

Monday, July 03, 2006

Soo happy coz abg datang umah and stayed two nite. Hm. supposely abg naik bus kul 6 pm dari pudu, tapi disebabkan nak settlekan our business dah terlewat. At last abg amik bus pukul 11 pm dan sampai mersing pukul 4.45 am.. so my mom and i pick abg at bus station. Dari jauh dah nampak abg heret beg besar yang abg bli kt langkawi masa short course dulu..fuyoo bapak besarnyer!! hehehe nasiblaa. Paginya mom dan abah gi segamat sbb ade urusan penting so tinggallah nanie, abg, iya, and iwan kt umah. Tapi sbb urusan tu habis cepat so mom dan abah balik awal so sempat laa antar iya balik hostel die (SBPI) then mak dan abah bwk abg mkn satay..hehe this place is not just famous tp memang sedap and fresh satay die and still 30 sen per cucuk..kan murah tu compared to other places especially kalau nak compare satay kajang jauh laa bezanyer kelazatannya ;-P oh yaa.. i got two gifts from him (^_^) ;-)

my favorite chocolate cadbury ;-) yummy!!!

a cute mickey mouse's t-shirt (^_^)thanks dear!!!

Skrg nie tgh pening dn rumah sewa, aisey tak best btul laa. Tapi aper ble buat, terpaksa laa duduk luar kan. Anything ari jumaat ni nanie dah kena survey umah yang akak dah cari tu..pastu kena kumpulkan dieorang sumer. Buat meeting sket hehe.. So okaylaa ni abg sempat pose masa before nak balik tadi ;-) (^_^)

haih.. senyum ker england abg kalah hehehe.. xpe laa seri laa kite brazil pun kalah hahaha.. abah skrang nak sokong german menang.. mom pun german.. iwan and abg sokong france pulak yer.. me??? hehehe..(^_^)

Friday, June 30, 2006

Thanks so much to fizi my fren coz settlekan prob me+abg for our business.. fuhh!! soo happy and grateful!! kalau tak.. mmg penatlah nak pikir camner laa nak settlekannyer.. Hm skrg nie abg ckp dah bleh tido nyenyak ;-) actually not 100% laa.. tapi at least dah boleh tarik nafas lega.. alhamdulillah! sumting that had caught my attention.. bout nasib!! fate!! all people around us have different type of life, journey, hopes..and everything it's just not same to each other. Hmm nasib seseorang tu tak samer kan.. life have been turn ups and downs.. so do i! Hmm camner nasib brazil and france plak yer ;-) hehehe tibe2 citer pasal bola (^_^) just wait n see laa who's da champion of this world cup 2006.. abg target final nie german vs brazil hurm??? me?? i just hope brazil tak buat sebarang embrassment laa tak masuk final memang memalukan!! ;-P but i still worry... tahun 1998 hurmm remember tak??? france dgn brazil 3-0.. by da way.. tunggu sajer laa penantian ini. England sorry laa am not interested laa hehehe...tonite german vs argentina

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Erm.. it's been a few days am not bloging. Actually i just came back from shah alam my sis's. Before that visited my niece ( my bro's daughter) in hospital serdang. Cian hannah..;-( well, byk sbnrnyer yang dah berlaku since previous days nie. Alang-alang dah ade kat shah alam.. i took this chance to figure out my problem at uitm shah alam. Baru nanie tahu begitu mudah sekali jalan penyelesaiannya. Emm, betullah setiap masalah tu ade jalan penyelesaian cuma nak atau taknak jer rite.. A last my status had already corrected ;-) yes!! hehe.."tamat" my diploma!! dan yan paling penting bila dah settle pasal status tu, pihak uitm then bagi surt tawarn sambung degree hehe.. yahoo!! hurm.. i got food tech, alhamdulillah (^_^) registration day on 9/7 nie.. kelakar laa dapat jumpe semula classmate dulu. I got same course with diana (my ex-rumate) so it's not big deal laa.. bleh gi klas samer2 nanti. Cuma the prob now, kiteorg tak dapat penempatan kolej ;-( for this time ex-dip kena stay luar, so the best solution.. we cari rumah sewa area seksyen 2 and 7 sbb dekat sket kan. But i still hope that we have chance to stay at college. About abg, he's the most excited when i told him. What ever is i'll try my best for my degree..insyaAllah! Masa kat shah alam, before tau dapat uitm, nanie dah excited nak gi kutpm, bioperubatan.. hmm, abg plak encourage me a lot when met him at my sis's place. So now i have to refresh back my thought.. *sigh*

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Im out of mood today.. not only today but a few days ;-( Finally i burst into tears this evening.. I was driving actually but suddenly i feel sumthing warm oozed fr my eyes... i know i cant keep it any longer.. To be frank.. i try to conceal it since few days.. But it seems i was lying to myself.. Nope.. i wasnt actually.. i just wanted to prove tht I AM OK...huh! it's so hard for me to face tht i not like my frens who can go ipta for further their degree.. i was failed in upu application. But it's sound weird coz sum of them got cgpa below than me!! So finally i discovered from my lec (ketua prog) that actually i have problem on my manuscript!! it's saying that am not already qualified from status tak tulis tamat!!! haih!!! damn!! so i try again and hopefully this time my prob can solve as soon as possible.
But by da way, i actually more interested to further at kutpm- biomedicine. I feel this course have a bright still in dilemma! Abg said,"syg try smbyg istikarah bayk2 and doa selalu, whateva u choose i always beside u and support u..just think which one is the best for yr future darling." Emm.. susahnyer nanie nak buat pilihan.. i know abg harapkn sgt nanie dapat smbg blaja cepat and keje..i will try my best to make my good decision. Nanie jgk tak nak hampakan mak abah..despite of this, i really really confused!! Ya Allah, kuatkan semangat ku untuk terus berjuang ..berikan petunjuk kepadaku agar kudapat panduan untuk terus berjuang dan berjuang kerana Mu ya Allah!!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Fred shot one gol for brazil which made they won 2:0 with australia =) that's why i never regret to choose them hehe..their skill very superb!! they play football like they're dancing in da middle of da field!
About me
Nothing special.. seperti biasa menjalankan kewajipan as a daughter hehe.. cleaning house + masak lauk tghari..baru jer lepas fuhh!! for today nanie masak kari kepala ikan style mamak gitu yay me!! sayur campur carrot,corn,emm masuk skit cendawan and kobis hehe.. then grg sket ayam tau2 jelaa iwan bukan suka sgt makan ikan..haih :- geram seh!! sumer dah already prepared just waiting for them back home; iwan sekolah..mak and abah balik keje makan samer..
About abg
This morning ari yang ditunggu abg telah tiba at last =) kul 9.00am he had his paper final for da short cos sem. So hopefully everything comes out smoothly since u have already prepared enough for that could be tough well i dunno know.. just try your best darling!! am now waiting for your call dear..
I end here.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

What do u think of this photo above? holland's player with costa rica's player.. hurm they leading against the match 2:1 well it's good enough for giving a big smiling ;-D

Well done my team hehehe ;-P keep it up!!!
Argentina and Netherlands are both through to the last 16. The Ivory Coast just coul not get that equalizer that would have kept them in with a hope - even though it would have been faint - going into the last game.

The Dutch look to have a good side but so far they don't look to be a great one. But there is a long way to go.

As for the Ivory Coast that's twice they've gone behind by two goals in the first half. No team can affoird to give an oponent a two goal start at a World Cup. They are a nice team going forward but the defense is poor.

Man of the Match - Robin Van Persie. He scored one, had a part in the RVN goal, cleared a certain goal off the line, and generally contributed to the Dutch cause.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Today is abah's birthday ;-) hurm may Allah bless u always.. mmuahh! Actually nanie sempat antar sms jer kat abah this morning sbb he is not in here, he's out station at PJ. Tp abah akan pulang this midnite i guess. Last nite i slept at 4.45 am.. fuhh saje2 layan polland team tu pun abg ajak teman die.. mcmlaa duduk satu rumah. tapi main2 sms laa. About england smlm last2 minute baru nak sumbat goal haih tu nasib baik leading klau tak not worth jerk tgk but overall england got many chance to score almost seven times. Hurm Peter Crouch..

At last Rooney masuk jgk ganti Owen min ke-58 as i know Rooney actually be a reserve player for next match with sweden ;-) tu laa.. kena jgk turun huhu.. but at last england vs trinidad 2:0
Oh yaa.. tonite as usual my fav team akan beraksi hehe holland semestinye Netherland vs Ivory Coast. Hopefully they can beat Ivory habis habisan. This match will consider to qualify mara ke pusingan kedua. Hero2 holland like nistelrooy, robben, cocu dan lain2 menjadi harapan jurulatih Basten. So cant wait to watch =) emm abg cakap die dulu suka la holland skrang byk pemain baru.. whateva dear.. key..daa~

Thursday, June 15, 2006

I m waiting for world cup match which that i'm not really consider with this team but it sumhow interested me to watch.. england vs trinidad&tobago. Everyone have noticed that england team is the most popular with their hansome2 players emm beckham, owen. gerrard.. but it's that their popularity makes them to be the most interested team?? well, u can judge yrself rite.. for me brazil is the one =) there is no doubt Brazil could be da champion. He is not only holding that title, but he has a very great..superb skills! So fabulous! Abg ;-) dont stare at me like that hehe.. (last world cup; england was his fav team..but now suddenly he choose chezch repub..) (^_^) well abg, u got yr serve ;-) just wait and see yaa!

Hm.. yesterday i felt down..really! There's sumting had broke my heart ;-( i'm hurt.. i still wondering what actually happened exactly?? i was told by him that i've told sumone that he was dead??? i assumed this issue has already spread out to some of my frens..ouchh!! what's life.. i really appreciated the precious moment that we shared even i knew he might think that i am at the another side. For u, nanie harap awak tak terperangkap dengan cerita2 yang nanie rasa awak sendiri boleh tentukan samada ia betul atau tidak. It is just awak mungkin keliru dgn semua ini tapi nanie tak pernah ade niat nak jatuhkan kawan sendiri..nauzubillah! Sorry la kalau sbb nanie awak berubah.. nanie tak penah lupe kawan2!

Sumting that caught my plain thought,
There is a cause for every effect, a reason for everything that happens.I might have a broken heart before.. or I might been betray by someone.. or cry for been left behind but I no longer fear of facing life... Not feeling wretched for things happen as it just a small obstacle towards my destiny. Since I believe there is a reason of what God destined for me. As simple as I think, If things doesnt goes this way before, I wont meet those people today.. and I wont be where I am today.. It's all counted as experience. The only thing I want now is doing my best at the moment, and letting the result take care of it self..

Each day I live..
I want to be a day to give
The best of me I'm only one but not alone..
My finest day is yet unknown I broke my heart..
Fought every gain..
To taste the sweet..
I face the pain..
I rise and fall..
Yet through it all this much remains..

To Allah i pray..

Grant me the serenity
To accept the things I cannot change,
The courage to change things I cannot accept,
And the wisdom to hide the bodies
of those people I had to wipe out today
because they ticked me off.
And i beg for Allah help me
Help me Allah..

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The World Cup 2006 has just been started. Philipp Lahm scored the first goal of the World Cup from an wonderful kick in the 6th minute. Germany is leading against Costarica 4:1.Everyone in this world ot fever world cup haih.. (^_^) include me?? yes! am the one who are waiting this world cup. Sumone asked me.. nanie, sokong mane? hm.. of course i choose brazil hehe.. i know sum people may think that brazil team must disqualified from world cup ;-) well.. well.. it's free to choose which most team u like rite huhu. But i also choose holland for my 2nd favorite. Yesterday i quite disappointed laa..japan vs australia dont get me wrong yaa.. i just support asia team why not?? They scored all goals in the last eight minutes, when I had started to become a bit exciting..ouchh.. at last japan lose 1:3
Tonight Brazil are on, and with their talent and ability, one can only hope that Croatia does not embarass itself by conceeding too many goals..hehehe! Cant wait for it 3.00 am yaa...

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Aloha.. how to start ya.. hmm nanie baru balik dr kerteh, trganu sbb antar rombongan my kazen abg Fariz getting married there. Well, majlis akad nikah berlangsung di masjid kerteh. I have been two days and we all stayed at Lodge Kerteh. Everything comes out smoothly..alhamdulillah. Okie ini sebahagian gmbr nanie and family.

Now i still get fever.. my mom too. My mom cakap die jangkit dr uya anak sedara nanie ;-) erm ntahlaa.. kuat plak virus si uya nie ek?? sumtimes ade masanyer kite tak boleh menyatakan isi hati kite keseluruhan di sini .. i know this is my place where can i brag anything..and where can i share my heart from my plain thought..but not all that i might feel that soo confidential things to chew here.
I think lately am being a bad friend..really.. i feel that am too selfish. I dunno laa.. i wanna be sumone that everyone can accept me as long as they need me..but somehow i just like what they might think. I really really sorry my friends..
What can i say here,
Tuhan itu Maha Adil, Maha Mendengar, Maha Menyayangi & Maha Pengampun. It's clearly stated today. No matter how we keep on making mistakes, forgetting our duties; The Almighty God will always give us chances to be a better person. And HE will always faith upon us.Oh God! I really don't know if i still have my faith of myself anymore to face the future life. Guide me Dear God, even i rarely gets what i want from YOU, but i always get what i need. And all i need is now a little serenity, patinece, guidance, heart & will power and Faith. May YOU always be by my side no matter what. Amin.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Malam tadi nanie demam dan badan berbintik2 gatal..i thought that i got chicken pox!! uhh... but sbnrnyer nanie baru tau that nanie allergic dgn crabs!! yay me.. cian seh.. my favorite ratah ketam goreng apetah lagi kalau BBQ.. ape boleh buat.. terpaksa laa kan... So that nanie tido awal jugaklaaa.. kul 8 pm sbb demam kan.. then my mom kejut sbb nanie tak dinner lagi, i checked my sms.. fuhh.. 3 sms from abg. The first one he said he went out wif pudin nak makan luar uitm arau.. so it's ok wif me.. nothing dude!! The second one.. he asked me buat ape..senyap ajer.. hmm this one pun nanie relax.. n terasa guilty sket sbb tak bgtau nanie demam n tido.. and the third one.. memang pelik seh! he said dont trust anything if a*** or **z**** cakap's just abg tak suka fitnah2 nie.. so then nanie trus bals sms n asked him what's going on actually??? i know there's must be sumting that he hide from me.. so then he reply back my msg.. he explained to me that abg jumpa his classmate a gal (must be laa) for copy lab report.. ahaaa.. i've noted this case must be happened.. nanie relax and very cool dgn citer2 camni.. for me as long as abg tak timbulkan any problems wif our relationship so then i'll be ok.. i just assumed tht abg ade sbb tersendiri.. maybe to settle down his problem then br jumpe that gal.. i dunno laa.. benda tu nanie tak nampak.. abg pun dah terangkan everything.. nanie hanye trime shj.. doa itu semua adalah betul.. and if there's sumting he hide from me.. Allah Maha Mengetahui.. barulah nanie sedar.. hubungan jarak jauh nie betul2 menguji kami.. kepercayaan n kesetiaan.. After this.. kami akan sentiasa jauh untuk mengejar impian masing2 dan diharapkan walaupun jauh hubungan kami tidak akan berubah sama sekali..malah makin lama makin sayang..makin lama mkin erat.. insyaAllah!! Am waiting him come down to my home in 2 weeks more!! fuhh.. tak sabar rasanyer.. i've missed him soo much!!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Today my sis and her two daugthers will back sweet home. My mom and dad the most excited person.. early morning gotong-royong clean up all side up n down my house.. me?? sleeping.. at ten am woke up!! huh last nite me slept at 3am reading n ntah summore stuff giler2 i have done. So helped my mom at kitchen.. wow so much variety dishes wanna prepared?? haih.. like 10 years have not seen her gal (my sis lorrr!!) yay me (^_^) perhaps their grandchildren i guess huhuu... okies.. my sis, iya wanna use pc now.. uhhh kacau seh!! i will continue later..daaa~
Awan berarak kencang.. angin sepoi-sepoi bahasa.. eceh.. try nak bermadah plak seh!! huhuhu.. hmm, ari nie nak tulis bm jerk...kah..kah..kah!! dah dua ari tak menjengukkan diri kat blog nie. dulu kata nak berhenti, tapi tiba2 terasa sayang sangat!! hurm, tak nak lah berhenti menulis di sini. Nanie suka menulis jd kalau dah takde blog nie nak tulis kat mana lagi kan??? ;-)
Sekarang nie asyik duduk kat rumah jer.. jd tukang masak ari2.. ape bleh buat kan.. dapat keje taknk gi.. hahaha!! ntahlah.. tapi bagus jugak =) boleh tgk tv puas2..tido puas2.. makan puas2 tu jerlah nanie tau yer!! tv + mkn + tido = keja tetap di rumah.. huhu..
Hurm.. dalam kepala nie macam2 masalah ader, tapi kan org kata kite tak bleh lari dari masalah kan.. tapi masalahnyer skrang..masalah tu yg tgh kejar nanie skrang uwaa!! ;'( cam ner nie.. takut yer!! harap2 kawan nanie tu dapat tolong nanie and abg cepat2 plez laa.. tak tahan dah tanggung nie.. i juz cant stand anymore!!!
Sbnrnyer td geram sgt2 kat abg.. mane taknyer.. tak bincang ape2pun trus bg msg "syg... abg gi langkawi dgn pudin 2org.Doakan kiteorg pergi dan balik.." hurmm memang kenalaa.. tapi sbb last minute..ok..ok!! Pastu yang tak tahan boleh call plak mak abah nak pesan aper.. elehh.. nak amik ati nanie lah tu.. whateva laa darling.. asal u have fun there!!
Esok iwan akan naik bus sendiri ke kl for his first time tu beb hehe.. sbnrnye nak balik umah akak.. then akak akn balik ke sini same2 saran uya..naik bus..sbb tu iwan kena teman kena tolong jage sara n uya dalam bus nanti. Keta akak dah abis road tax so tak renew lagi..
Hurm.. about me.. nak naikkan berat badan laa.. camner ek..dah makan banyak nie.. tu laa high metbolisme laaa nie.. ahakss!! (^_^)
Tak sabar nak tunggu akak, sara n uya datan cni. My mom and dad lagi laa.. rindu cucunda2 huhu.. okey laa.. nape mate ni so hard to shut nie!! tak ngantuk...masalah...masalah!! yay..

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Am really bored rite now!!! okie laa.. i wanna share sumting here. Pagi tadi almost afternoo laa, my old fren called me. Yes.. dah lamer jugak we not keep in touch to each other rasenyer adelaa dalam 2 taun kut..almostlaa. ;-) well.. it's just nothing cume terkejut jerk huhuhu.. tak lamer kami berborak hanye bertanye kabar sajer..but so far it's a nice news for today. Mom dah balik dari ward. She looks tired.. i knowlaa. Tomorrow morning she has to meet a specialist in JB. Perhaps i'll will follow her esok. *wink*
My sister, iya tak abis2 dgn citer full house die.. tgk cd2 tu berulang2 kali..tak bosan seh?? i dunnolaa.. hurm, about him i've missed him soo much!! thanks dear cuz u inspired me a lot.. key!!

Monday, May 29, 2006

How to begin?? Okies, my mom today warded cuz her hB (hemoglobin's level) is very low just only 7.0 hB. I love her so much..tak tergambar rasanyer..hopes my mom tak ape2!! InsyaAllah..
Now am thinking to stop this blog..tak taulah why tibe2 terasa agak malas nak sambung blog ni. But one thing my fren tak benarkan.. maybe that's a good start for me to think back the important of this blog untuk jangka masa hadapan. So enough for this time. I'll continue back (^_^)

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I have got this from one of my bloggers, this is same goes to me.. if i can tell him..
Gerakkan hatinya
Nyatakan padanya
Aku masih disini, seperti mahumu
Untuk mencintai dan menyayangi umatmu
Merindu hati yang dahulunya sepi
Memuja cinta beradu kasih
Dua jiwa yang kau satukan
Aku dan dia disini

Pahatkan dalam hatinya
Akulah insan yang sering diselimuti kerinduan
Dikejauhan ini aku disaluti seribu dugaan
Dugaan yang menduga setia
Dugaan yang menguji jiwa
Syukurku padaMu....hati ini kekal buatnya

Setiakan cintanya hanya buatku
Tetapkan hatinya hanya buatku
Segalanya hanya untukku
Kerana telah ku serahkan segala hati dan perasaan ini
Hanya buatnya....kekasih hati yang satu
Yang sering aku rindu...
Yang telah kau tulis buat aku yang sebelumnya sendiri....
Today i had read one blog..and finally i knew that he just passed away last month. Well.. it is very touching me.. coincidentally, my tears is bursting out. U know, what i want to share here, i actually had a wonderful time read it since last year.. so it is really makes me shocked wif this news. But it must happen to anybody rite.. I am really respect him.. (al-fatihah)
Okies, bout me haih.. i have got a one called from kumon education.. u have ever heard be4? kumon? well.. actually i have been to walk tru one interview as an assistant tutor at kumon tun dr ismail, kl. i know this a gud chance for me but i dont go.. (^_^) dont ask me why..

Rasa itu pernah ada
Rasa itu tak pernah ku pinta
Rasa itu telah ku kubur lama
Rasa itu telah tenggelam dalam asa

Biarkanlah lukisan itu tanpa warna
Biarkanlah cerita itu tanpa makna
Biarkanlah kalimat itu tanpa tanda
Biarkanlah hati itu tanpa rasa

Monday, May 22, 2006

Sometimes I look at other people's lives and wonder why that happiness isn't in mine
Sometimes I walk down the road wondering where it's actually leading me
Sometimes I say something that makes me wonder where those really came from
Sometimes I look at some people and wonder what I had done wrong
Sometimes I look at myself and wonder if I'd ever done anything right

Am feel that lately am being soo emotional and quite sensitive..
Dunnolaa what to say.. sumtimes i feel fed up and give up!!!!
I'm tired..I feel so exhausted....and frustrated with myself!!!!
But dont is just a silly thing that cross my life (",)

Thursday, May 18, 2006

This so song is really meant to me =P i've been listening these previous my days.. why?? the lyric is so beautiful and the another reason this song makes me remember him( he always sing this song for me ;-P) Now abg is doing his short course at uitm arau.. hopes everything just fine there.

Dealova - Once (OST Dealova)

aku ingin menjadi mimpi indah dalam tidurmu
aku ingin menjadi sesuatu yg mungkin bisa kau rindu
karena langkah merapuh tanpa dirimu
oh karena hati tlah letih

aku ingin menjadi sesuatu yg selalu bisa kau sentuh
aku ingin kau tahu bahwa ku selalu memujamu
tanpamu sepinya waktu merantai hati
oh bayangmu seakan-akan

reff: kau seperti nyanyian dalam hatiku
yg memanggil rinduku padamu
seperti udara yg kuhela kau selalu ada

hanya dirimu yg bisa membuatku tenang
tanpa dirimu aku merasa hilang
dan sepi, dan sepi

repeat reff [2x]

selalu ada, kau selalu ada
selalu ada, kau selalu ada

Monday, May 15, 2006

Terdiam.. termenung seketika.. no word?? i just blank that's the perfect word for me 'blank'!! okie laa

Friday, May 12, 2006

Tomorrow morning i will go Kl to accompany my mum for her seminar. So i'll take this advantage to see yatie probably =P am not pack my things yet!! But that's not a big deal.. just small matter. Abg will take a short course at arau starting from this Monday until ends of May i guess laa. I dont want to comment anything about that coz i've already taken that same goes to him before. Hurm what i wanna share here.. today i went pasar malam. Well this is the first time pasar malam that i've went in Mersing..!! So overall, quite nice because the place of that pasar malam is beside the sea =) okayla.. that's all for now.. daaa (^_^)
Hi, i cant believe that i have a new one new space where i can brag bout anything i want =P at last huh!! (^_^) well.. frankly, i've no idea why suddenly i've changed my mind to move here. Perhaps, i've been tired on my blackie blog, wanna try sumting more cheerful..more feminine *wink* hurm.. okaylaa, i already finished my diploma ;-) *scream!!* finally i felt a kinda strange feeling. I will never think again about my diploma, haih!! But i actually not very happy coz of he's still have one semester there ;-( never mind, only one semester left rite.. stop about that!! I'm home now..considering my mom's for 1-2 weeks (actually she wants me to teach my bro;-P who will sit for his exam in two weeks..she told my bro that she already import a new teacher..yay me!!) then after that i'll will go ahead with other plans..insyaAllah. Okies, i try to sleep early and want to have a such beautiful time waking up next parents have already remind me, "nanie,tomorrow morning..join abah mak jogging"..haiya!!(^_^) Nite..

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I’ve been listening to this in my sleep..hahaha;-P actually sumone had suggested to me with this song.. well what can i say's a such nice song..

Wondering the streets, in a world underneath it all
Nothing seems to be, nothing tastes as sweet
As what I can’t have
Like you and the way that you’re twisting your hair
round your finger
Tonight I’m not afraid to tell you
What I feel about you.I’m gonna muster every ounce of confidence I have
and cannon ball into the water
I’m gonna muster every ounce of confidence I have
For you I will
For you I willForgive me if I st-stutter
From all of the clutter in my head
Cuz I could fall asleep in those eyes
Like a water bed
Do I seem familiar, I’ve crossed you in hallways
a thousand times, no more camouflage
I want to be exposed, and not be afraid to fall.I’m gonna muster every ounce of confidence I have
And cannon ball into the water
I’m gonna muster every ounce of confidence I have
For you I will
You always want what you can’t have
But I’ve got to try
I’m gonna muster every ounce of confidence I have
For you I will
For you I will
For you I will
For you

If I could dim the lights in the mall
And create a mood I would
Shout out your name so it echoes in every room
I would

That’s what I’d do,
That’s what I’d do
That’s what I’d do
To get through to you

I’m gonna muster every ounce of confidence I have
And cannon ball into the water
I’m gonna muster every ounce of confidence I have
For you I will
You always want what you can’t have
But I’ve got to try
I’m gonna muster every ounce of confidence I have
For you I will
For you I will
For you I will
For you I will

Artist: Teddy Geiger
Album: Underage Thinking
Year: 2006
Title: For You I Will (Confidence)

Monday, April 24, 2006

Well, it has been a while isn't it? I've missed my blog too much. Seriously. Well, everything's fine right now. Totally fine. My life has been busy busy with my final exam rite now.. actually there are 3 more paper tht i have to sit. My paper bio..;-) i dunno how to describe it, but i hope i already have gave my best!! to suppress it ehmm.. maybe quite personal things.. should i hide it?? I know sum might says that am too much into personal stuff..haha.. but it never bothers me either.. becos this is my place where i brag about anything... or everything (errr am i that mindless to chew out everything here??.. huhuuu certainly only things tht i feel not soo confidential =P) but Yeah here is the place where it is more of like a dump side... Ermm it is here... where i share my heart feels as much as my plain thoughts.. ahaaa should i emphasize here it is my thoughts about my soo-personal life.. all i know is just to be myself here.. sorry for tht.. no offense ok.. I fell lonely even am being in a a middle of riuh2 rumates..but am still lonely... why huh?? hmm. everything cross in my mind now not really caught my attention. Maybe i've missed my family too much...maybe i've not totally ready to confront that am not with him for next semester..not ready to let him alone here.. perhaps i guess..There's sumting missing here..i just dunno to reconize it..okies.. i will continue later..peace!! ;-)

Monday, March 27, 2006

i'm back!!!
before this..
too lazy to write down things
even tooo lazy to read others..
i'm full!

this semester really killing me..
each class dem bored!
whut's going on??
why i'm the lucky one to get really bored lecturer?
huh..i dunno....@_@

some more..i didnt tell about my gathering rite.. well, it was fantastic time that i've ever had..*wink*
even there were only 5 people where as everyone brought their boyfriend?? hehehe...but somehow we really enjoyed our time!!
hurm..dunno how to describe in proper situation hehehe..any how i actually really worried bout him(my syg) because he never met them all..
so curious when suddenly he told me that he wants to accompanied me..wah!! (^_^) then i gave him a big smile..yay!!
well, thanks dear.. u did a good job..hehehe...
i shall leave this for u there.. wink!!

Each day I live..
I want to be a day to give
The best of me I'm only one but not alone..
My finest day is yet unknown I broke my heart..
Fought every gain..
To taste the sweet..
I face the pain..
I rise and fall..
Yet through it all this much remains

To Allah i pray..

Grant me the serenity
To accept the things I cannot change,
The courage to change things I cannot accept,
And the wisdom to hide the bodies
of those people I had to wipe out today
because they ticked me off.

And i beg for Allah help me
to be careful of the toes I step
on today as they may be connected
to the butt that I might have to kiss tomorrow...

P/s: last but not least.. some photo in dat gathering day (^_^) *grin*

Friday, March 03, 2006

Hurmm just wanted to share this saying from mum.. =)
"Compromise is a necessary part of life.. Be sincere with urself..."
I was thinking how much important "kejujuran" in life.. It is no denial dlm hidup nih mmg perlukan kejujuran.. But it seem lately people even dare to tag price on thing such as sincerity.. honesty.. WELL.. how much one pay for the price of "jujur" actually huh??.. for me.. Too bad when it has a price.. when people could pay for it... It seems like one were putting themselve in a bargain..and definitely will lost... Personally..i have a very low respect to people who acting tht way... Tp kadang2 sebab terlalu jujur org kate kite nih betul bendul pulak.. org pijak kepala kite.. Itupun susah jugak.. Nowadays i feel like there are more of backstabbers and liars untill sumtimes i dunno who is my fren who is not.. who is sincere and who only tell lies.. well am not pointing this to anyone.. it just how my thought raving out tonite..OK guys.. i shall be sleeping now.. " The busy have no time for tears. " Hurm..Perhaps this is all true... No time for tears.. =)
I'm going to meet my old frends..eii..sooo happy...(^_^)

Friday, February 24, 2006

Holla.. so long time i'm not en3 this blog, i really tired laa.. why?? eveything must done on time.. the problem is there's so much thing to do!! Sumtimes i felt to collape (^_^)
Last week i went to klang with him and my others ETR group ira, wan, jah and ain. Well, actually we had planned went on Saturday morning but last minute we changed our planned, going on that Friday.
So sad to say that we only got 4 tickets, so finally i and him decided went to temerloh by a cab to catch their bus coz luckily that bus actually stopped at temerloh to get down the passenger ;-P
We then arrived at pekeliling at 11.10pm, we stayed at ira's in cheras. The next day, we're going to Pandamaran by car..hmm he drove ;-P So until began our busy time..
met abg yus there helped us to make sum reseached on ETR subject. We will going to build a public swimming pool. So that's why we took Pandamaran's swimming centre as our guidelines.
After that, we're going to KL to find clothes for ETR presentation, hangging around Jalan TAR.. me and him well.. took this chance spent time together hehehe.. hurm we performed our Maghrib prayer at KLCC Mosque. Then we separated to own destination, me and him took komuter Pel Klang. We back to jengka on sunday.. So this weekend we spend our time only around jengka. Mayb going to pasar malam depends on our two situation first.. hurm dunno yet!! What is the most important.. tonite i have to complete all my work if necessary i will stay up. Chow laa..

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

These previous days.. i'm very2 busy..settle down t-shirt..ETR programme.. and my tests!! Okielaaa..last Saturday i was meeting yati, it's so happy to say that we spent time shopping gal's stuff ouchh..hehehe..then he asked me..what am bought..where..and sum more question. He was going to klang at abg yus's place searched around for our ETR project. Hmm.. and we have to go klang again by this my mind now!!(^_^) This morning i felt terrible on my chemist test..hopes that my marks not gonna be zero..fuhh..i dunnolaa. So okaylaa.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I'm back again in jengka. I'm very sleepy now, my eyes are like half shut. Waiting for my next class which will be at 12pm..argghhh.. am looking my watch now..10.35 my god!! I'm very hungry too.. :-( i'm craving for cheezy wedges. Uuuuu... XD Ok @_@ whre to get haaa.. i really envy with him this moment, he just can back to his room while am here in library sitting in front this pc with very cooly condition yay!! Well.. it's just nice coz i'm sitting on a comfort seat which makes me feel to sleep as well. Actually i feel to go to toilet but...malas seh!! (the pc are so limited so i'm lucky to got one;-P) so there's no chance for me to go anywhere..ouh!! His college is very short way from here.. like i always says with him "u should be happy and thankful coz it's just only 5 min to come class.." whereas me?? so pity of me.. So now we got class 8-9 am and he just dissapeared eventually. Then i got his sms " syg, i really need to go to u take care of yr own time..go eat..lepak library and meet u in next class;-) mmuah!".. guess what?? That's only one reason i wondered.. he's now on his bed and really tide of sleepness..okieslaa.. i stop here.. many things to do..c'yaa...

Saturday, February 04, 2006

@ kalau tak nak balik boleh tak?? hehehe...
@ malas seh!!
@ hurm.. yet i dont start packing my things!!
@ tomorrow going jengka..uwaaaa...:'(
@ well, i'm more lucky than abg kena naik bus dr jb ke ktn aisey manyak kecian wooo... kirenye @ aku parents antar ke ktn...lucky ker?? hmm...
@ but then i have to wait for him jgk sampai ke ktn's not sound so badly, rite??
@ it's really2 holiday to me.. it's works!! why?? becos i've not done my assignment.. just hanging around... watching tv almost 24 hours without break any second.. opps i'm just kidding hehehe..
but totally i really really meant that.. so relax and enjoy all da time!!
@ ouhh.. this situation also happened to him.. where's yr 4.00 flat honey ;-)
@ okies.. i'm out of mood !! (^_^)
@ sumeone has breaking my heart....
@ i've missed him! jumpe esok my honey...

Friday, February 03, 2006

Haih... too many things came across lately.. it happen just in few glance.. Tapi ape2 pun me bersyukur sgt2 for am okay now.. Lepas satu satu menimpa.. Itulah lumrah hidup.. "Laut mane yg tak bergelora.. Hidup nih tak kan sunyi dr dugaan.." Tapi percaya dan yakin ade hikmah disebalik setiap sesuatu yg berlaku.. =)
In another way i realised tht am not that weak after all.. I didnt cry.. instead am acting rationally.. i tried to be strong @_@ i just wondering bout what happened to me.. please stop it!! Am thinking somewhat people might thought as the same way i do hopes so.Sometimes people come into your life and you know right away that they were meant to be serve some sort of purpose, teach you a lesson or help figure out who you are or who you want to become. You never know who these people may be but you lock eyes with them, you know that very moment that they will affect your life in some profound! way. And sometimes things happen to you at the time that may seem horrible, painful and unfair, but in reflection you realize that without overcoming those obstacles you would never realize your potential, strength, will power or heart. Everything happens for a reason. Nothing happens by chance or by means of luck. Illness, love, lost moments of true greatness and sheer stupidity all occur to test limits of your soul. Without these small tests, life would be like a smoothly paved, straight, flat road to nowhere safe and comfortable but dull and utterly pointless. Only ALLAH knows the best!!
Am thinking of this few lines..
Allah didnt promise days without pain, laughter without sorrow, sun without rain, but He did promise strength for the day,comfort for the tears, and light for the day. BE a TOUGH gal NANIE!!
*my thought's
nanie, sumone didnt mean anything plus sumone doesnt know somehow it actually broke your heart so badly.. just give your forgiveness..

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Sumetimes i felt worried.. a lil' bit! we are really passionate about what we wanted to do with our lives, and would talk about how we'd be running our own business.. ohh soo scary!! Well, tonite i have to make last choice for my application in UPU. Please help me....! @_@

Monday, January 30, 2006

Happy midterm holiday guys...

Well, i am not going to perak. Tak jadi pun.. cancel ma..@_@ so now i'm at my home. Hurm by da way after this midterm i've got many things to sort out. I will settle my t-shirt business with him, so we'll going to Arau ;-) Actually i just arrived from kl. Sumtimes what we exact to plan cant be easily rite?? I've been through a hard time alone. I was consider myself that was just happened and it cant be fixed again. My Lord.. U the only one knows what was exactly happened. Let me be strong!! I'm a tough lady..Hurm..sum more?? I am really.. really miss him..:-* mmuah!! *wink*
p/s: i still remember..u've promised me wanna watch fearless..huhuhu..;-p
opss.. selamat menyambut awal muharam 1427 Hijrah...

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Today is da day...

@ laundry stuff this early morning (^_^) yay me!! At 6.15 i've done my laundry huhuhu....
@ finished all my lab reports bio n chemist(abg: dah siap ke?) what's does it mean hurmm...wanna copy haaa!!!
@ went pasar malam with him
abg: teringin makan satelaa syg...jum dinner luar ek??
hurm.. every your wish always right haaa!!!


p/s: i enjoy my day today

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Macam2 ada... @_@

I try to manage my time so completely..but sumtimes it really complicated.
me: am coming home this midterm perhaps 2-3 days mom...
mom: why so short one?
me: tons of work are he wants me accompany him to perak (",) (grin*)
mom: perak?? why perak?? what for??
me: settle down our business plus jalan-jalan hehehe...
mom: we all going melaka and u perak. What's plan is that
me: etr group laa...we all decide nk g survey perhaps in kl. Apiz laa our head nyer. U ask him laa mam
mom: anything u should discuss wif me...okay dear.

*my thought ~ ermm... macam-macam ada!!!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Getting worse or better guys??

Working in groups actually quite interesting me. It seems that full-time students here at my course are literally swimming in the course work. Stop moving and sink yourself. Group work is unavoidable. And for me, I have different people for different groups in different classes. Not a single person is in the same two groups as I am. U know working with our own lover it's quite different. Without me, these groups will be mutually exclusive in terms of members.This can be to a disadvantage since the rest of the group may not understand the workload you're already carrying. They may ask for your contribution without knowing that you're already up to your nose with other things.But it's not all bad. Most importantly I've managed to gain experiences from working with different people. There were moments of blazing debates and bruised egos. But there were moments when we learnt new stuff from each other and shared a couple of laughs.At the end of the day, we returned to same spot again, as friends and fellow learners, to fix ourselves a nice. We are united by our belief, friendship and our quest for knowledge and success. Working in groups actually soo interesting me plus grouping with him makes me more secure (^_^) daa!! nite.....

Thursday, January 19, 2006

What's a day!!

Today the experiment of chemistry inorganic was so teribble!! really tired!! That's not da only things makes auwful but also my business project ETR. Every our suggestions were frust!! Every face looks so tired and want to give up. Hurm.. let it be!! We have to carry on guys!!! Please... that's not the end of life.... we should try the new one.... insyaAllah! About me?? I try to accept it..accept what?? yes..accept that thing! Sumting was burning my heart ;-( i felt depressed. But i need to accept it even though that's my choice rite!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

In case I forget..

TQ to anyone of u..friends,

for the challenge u set..
for the thoughts u shares..
for the helps u lend..
for the times u spent..
haih.. to the ones tht wiped my tears..
tht gave me their kisses.. and huggiess
when am really need it..
for comforting and accompanying me..
really appreciatted..
am saying fr the bottom of my heart..
wondering myself where would i be today
without u guys..
maybe i'll stuck in the well still.. hahaaa.. =P

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Out of boredom!!

I’m just having my lunch. tummy full already hehehe. For some certain things I take a bit fussy with any meals. This is quite contrast with him. Basically if I didn’t finished my meals then his volunteer to done it. Hmm… sounds likes he never complain anything bout foods. (^-^) Well, I just borrowed a book which title is ‘The Other Side of The Story’. Anyway this story is really fabulous!! This 648 pages makes me stays at room neither going to somewhere place. How about pasar malam today nanie? ;-) Well.. I don’t think so! He also busy with his study and try to control our finance…
Am thinking bout this phrase…

‘There are three sides to every story.
Your side, their side, and the truth.

Thinking.. and thinking…and me face down in my soup, passed out with boredom!!

Monday, January 09, 2006

Selamat Hari Raya AidilAdha.. Seday plak bile teringat ayah sedang sorang2 kt Arafah. Achik plak kat hospital..Takpela, mereka sedang berjihad. Aku nak balik semula jengka semula..malas sey!! Relax jer nak ponteng kelas pagi, dah takde tiket kan..(",) abg pun relax jer setuju..aiyoo!!! Takpe jer kan ptg insyaAllah sempat. Harap2 abg dapat tiket pagi2. Okie, daaa...

Saturday, January 07, 2006

My complicated story..

He's now at my place. We all arrived at 5.30 am and abah fetched us at R&R. This is a complicated story. Yesterday somewhat we had planned not exactly happened. We took a bus to kl at 6.30 pm...and as usually i always got my ticket to mersing by transional, but unlucky the ticket all sold out.
"Sorry adik, esok adelah tapi kul 11.30 mlm,"a sellerman said.
I totally worried and try looking my watch showed 11.25 pm. Ouchh...what's life...
me: Camne ni abg? Komuter sure dah xde nak balik umah akak, umah abg pun tak bleh. Syg kol dieorang key fetch syg kat pudu, and abg buy laa tiket jb sekarang.
abg: Tu ade ker mersing lagi tu, try tanye hurry syg!!
me: I never know bout this bus darling.(starring worried at him)
Then, suddenly he bought two tickets and went to platform so quickly. I dunno what actually played in his mind.. mad of me ke?? Our seat at the back 33 and 34. He didnt speak to me never a word!! I phoned my dad and tell him about my sayang accompanied me. Alhamdulillah, my parents so understanding. Thanks Allah. I try to speak with him but no respons at all. He pretend try to sleep. I just dont know what to do except be a silent. About 5 minutes later, he hold my hands and says his sorry. I know his feeling...
abg: sorry syg, takkan syg tak tau langsung pasal bus nie?
me: betul laa..never know
abg: okaylaa.. abah,mak ok tak?
me: dah settle, sampai abah suruh call.
We had a wonderful journey..hehehe *secret maa...
My parents took him jalan2 pantai air papan and whole mersing town. Wah.. second time he came here...dah berani call my mum, "mak"..what's that mean dear ;-) He will back JB this evening. His brother achik is warded in Hosp Sultanah Aminah, Johor Bharu. Hopes everything gonna be okay.Steady abg!!