Friday, July 28, 2006

23rd of July was my birthday ;-P Hurm.. i really have missed my blog!! So here we go.. Sbb dah 2 kali weekend abg visit me at shah alam..jadi nyee this week going my turn laa turun jengka hahaha.. seperti kata abg.. it's being not fairlaa asyik abg gi jenguk syg.." ;-) so i kept that promise to jengka..and plus to celebrate my birthday.. but he actually didnt remind me anything about celebrating it so curiously in my mind.. does he remember my birthday i just wonder. On Friday nite nanie sampai temerloh and abg picked me. Stayed 2 nite at cokma and da gang's place. Then on Saturday morning he asked me to going Kuantan.. well dah jumpe die so everything abg of course dah arrange nak ke mana2 then i just follow. We tak sempat layan movie at just window shopping jer. I took this opportunity and asked him.."abg, esok ari aper ek?" then he just feel nothing and suddenly smiled and answered me " Ahad laa syg!". I felt a bit sad..but then he whispered closed to my right ear and said " your birthday dear..mestilaa ingat!" hehehe..
The next day.. before i went back shah alam he gave me sumting.. so sweet!! Thanks abg..
About my study pulak..
I dont know how to describe my feeling with new subjects and to adapt new course. But so far..overall.. i can handle it. Believing that i dont have any notes yet.. but nanie tgh btul2 struggle pinjam dgn GG,my old friend. Actually this course really interesting ;-P ari2 cakap pasal makan.. seroonoottt!!! So people around me..kire2nye nak pointing especially my housemates..ika and hasba.. they always argue with me about food lately nie!! geraaammm sgt!! hehehe almaklumlaa blajar pasal nutrition facts and so on.. tapi best gak kenakan dorang ;-P
Ni sbnrnye ade assignment about quality in terms of food industry.. i just finished it..alhamdulillah.. nak submit ptg nie baru nak buat.. ade ker patut?? no.. yg sbnr benarnye.. yesterday dah cr information kat internet..but tak cukup masa nak menaip last nite (^_^) *reasonlaa tuh..
Okies.. thanks to all my frens yang still remember my birthday.. thanks soo much!! Mmuahh!!

Friday, July 14, 2006

It's been a while i stop blogging ;-P well am quite busy previous days complete my registration day and my new subject!! Aih damn... soo tired! my life..sucked!! tension... my head gonna started crack seriously. But i still try to maintain.. body and soul hehehe..
Actually even though the dateline of registration for new subject is coming just for next week but we still cant solve the problem which come out last moment yesterday!! Our schedule is already done but now they seem look like they actually clash with others subject.. yay!! so badly.. hurm..just now i went shopping with ida,hasba and ika.. well..well.. i had bought some new blouses, tudung and brooch ;-) i try to find a bag for kuliah..but u know me..a bit fussy and the time was very short. Maybe i will try again tomorrow with abg plak since he is now on the way to kl visit me here..oppss okaylaa..i got to go now..ini pun curi2 masa kat lab comp huhuhu.. i'll continue soon.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Today i go shah alam.. and i wonder when will i do write again here!! okies.. until everything clear then i shall be here (^_^)

Thursday, July 06, 2006

At last France's winning goal came when Thierry Henry went to ground under a Ricardo Carvalho challenge after 33 minutes and Zidane struck his spot-kick low to Ricardo's right.Zinedine Zidane will finish his career on the greatest stage of all after his first-half penalty proved enough to take France past Portugal.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Today i have to start for packing my stuff!! malas sey!! erm.. tibe2 terpikir nak shopping plak (^_^) yay!! hari nie sbb boring then terjumpe satu website nie and terpikir nak bli handbag ;-) well..well i was looking for a white handbag tp mayb a bit fussy then i could not buy yet. i know there are many white handbags out there but yet still didnt catch my attention.. fussy rite? they were none my taste. So today i found these and i'll finding them when i have ready hehehe.. is it look nice??
or i prefer this one ;-p

I know sumtimes what we plan didnt come exactly what we want to. Life is full of surprises!! U dont have an idea of that. What u see not what u will get (^_^) But i'll never stop to make any decision.. we have right to choose anything we like, rite guys.. Somhow try to accept everything which has come to your life!! never regret of anything because Allah create already the best story of our life.. u just have to feel that..touch it concernly..

Monday, July 03, 2006

Soo happy coz abg datang umah and stayed two nite. Hm. supposely abg naik bus kul 6 pm dari pudu, tapi disebabkan nak settlekan our business dah terlewat. At last abg amik bus pukul 11 pm dan sampai mersing pukul 4.45 am.. so my mom and i pick abg at bus station. Dari jauh dah nampak abg heret beg besar yang abg bli kt langkawi masa short course dulu..fuyoo bapak besarnyer!! hehehe nasiblaa. Paginya mom dan abah gi segamat sbb ade urusan penting so tinggallah nanie, abg, iya, and iwan kt umah. Tapi sbb urusan tu habis cepat so mom dan abah balik awal so sempat laa antar iya balik hostel die (SBPI) then mak dan abah bwk abg mkn satay..hehe this place is not just famous tp memang sedap and fresh satay die and still 30 sen per cucuk..kan murah tu compared to other places especially kalau nak compare satay kajang jauh laa bezanyer kelazatannya ;-P oh yaa.. i got two gifts from him (^_^) ;-)

my favorite chocolate cadbury ;-) yummy!!!

a cute mickey mouse's t-shirt (^_^)thanks dear!!!

Skrg nie tgh pening dn rumah sewa, aisey tak best btul laa. Tapi aper ble buat, terpaksa laa duduk luar kan. Anything ari jumaat ni nanie dah kena survey umah yang akak dah cari tu..pastu kena kumpulkan dieorang sumer. Buat meeting sket hehe.. So okaylaa ni abg sempat pose masa before nak balik tadi ;-) (^_^)

haih.. senyum ker england abg kalah hehehe.. xpe laa seri laa kite brazil pun kalah hahaha.. abah skrang nak sokong german menang.. mom pun german.. iwan and abg sokong france pulak yer.. me??? hehehe..(^_^)