Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Sumetimes i felt worried.. a lil' bit! we are really passionate about what we wanted to do with our lives, and would talk about how we'd be running our own business.. ohh soo scary!! Well, tonite i have to make last choice for my application in UPU. Please help me....! @_@

Monday, January 30, 2006

Happy midterm holiday guys...

Well, i am not going to perak. Tak jadi pun.. cancel ma..@_@ so now i'm at my home. Hurm by da way after this midterm i've got many things to sort out. I will settle my t-shirt business with him, so we'll going to Arau ;-) Actually i just arrived from kl. Sumtimes what we exact to plan cant be easily rite?? I've been through a hard time alone. I was consider myself that was just happened and it cant be fixed again. My Lord.. U the only one knows what was exactly happened. Let me be strong!! I'm a tough lady..Hurm..sum more?? I am really.. really miss him..:-* mmuah!! *wink*
p/s: i still remember..u've promised me wanna watch fearless..huhuhu..;-p
opss.. selamat menyambut awal muharam 1427 Hijrah...

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Today is da day...

@ laundry stuff this early morning (^_^) yay me!! At 6.15 i've done my laundry huhuhu....
@ finished all my lab reports bio n chemist(abg: dah siap ke?) what's does it mean hurmm...wanna copy haaa!!!
@ went pasar malam with him
abg: teringin makan satelaa syg...jum dinner luar ek??
hurm.. every your wish always right haaa!!!


p/s: i enjoy my day today

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Macam2 ada... @_@

I try to manage my time so completely..but sumtimes it really complicated.
me: am coming home this midterm perhaps 2-3 days mom...
mom: why so short one?
me: tons of work are waiting..plus he wants me accompany him to perak (",) (grin*)
mom: perak?? why perak?? what for??
me: settle down our business plus jalan-jalan hehehe...
mom: we all going melaka and u perak. What's plan is that
me: extra..my etr group laa...we all decide nk g survey perhaps in kl. Apiz laa our head nyer. U ask him laa mam
mom: anything u should discuss wif me...okay dear.

*my thought ~ ermm... macam-macam ada!!!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Getting worse or better guys??

Working in groups actually quite interesting me. It seems that full-time students here at my course are literally swimming in the course work. Stop moving and sink yourself. Group work is unavoidable. And for me, I have different people for different groups in different classes. Not a single person is in the same two groups as I am. U know working with our own lover it's quite different. Without me, these groups will be mutually exclusive in terms of members.This can be to a disadvantage since the rest of the group may not understand the workload you're already carrying. They may ask for your contribution without knowing that you're already up to your nose with other things.But it's not all bad. Most importantly I've managed to gain experiences from working with different people. There were moments of blazing debates and bruised egos. But there were moments when we learnt new stuff from each other and shared a couple of laughs.At the end of the day, we returned to same spot again, as friends and fellow learners, to fix ourselves a nice. We are united by our belief, friendship and our quest for knowledge and success. Working in groups actually soo interesting me plus grouping with him makes me more secure (^_^) daa!! nite.....

Thursday, January 19, 2006

What's a day!!

Today the experiment of chemistry inorganic was so teribble!! Ahh...am really tired!! That's not da only things makes auwful but also my business project ETR. Every our suggestions were reject..so frust!! Every face looks so tired and want to give up. Hurm.. let it be!! We have to carry on guys!!! Please... that's not the end of life.... we should try the new one.... insyaAllah! About me?? I try to accept it..accept what?? yes..accept that thing! Sumting was burning my heart ;-( i felt depressed. But i need to accept it even though that's my life..my choice rite!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

In case I forget..

TQ to anyone of u..friends,

for the challenge u set..
for the thoughts u shares..
for the helps u lend..
for the times u spent..
haih.. to the ones tht wiped my tears..
tht gave me their kisses.. and huggiess
when am really need it..
for comforting and accompanying me..
really appreciatted..
am saying fr the bottom of my heart..
wondering myself where would i be today
without u guys..
maybe i'll stuck in the well still.. hahaaa.. =P

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Out of boredom!!

I’m just having my lunch. Hmm..my tummy full already hehehe. For some certain things I take a bit fussy with any meals. This is quite contrast with him. Basically if I didn’t finished my meals then his volunteer to done it. Hmm… sounds likes he never complain anything bout foods. (^-^) Well, I just borrowed a book which title is ‘The Other Side of The Story’. Anyway this story is really fabulous!! This 648 pages makes me stays at room neither going to somewhere place. How about pasar malam today nanie? ;-) Well.. I don’t think so! He also busy with his study and try to control our finance…
Am thinking bout this phrase…

‘There are three sides to every story.
Your side, their side, and the truth.

Thinking.. and thinking…and me face down in my soup, passed out with boredom!!

Monday, January 09, 2006

Selamat Hari Raya AidilAdha.. Seday plak bile teringat ayah sedang sorang2 kt Arafah. Achik plak kat hospital..Takpela, mereka sedang berjihad. Aku nak balik semula jengka semula..malas sey!! Relax jer nak ponteng kelas pagi, dah takde tiket kan..(",) abg pun relax jer setuju..aiyoo!!! Takpe aarr...pg jer kan ptg insyaAllah sempat. Harap2 abg dapat tiket pagi2. Okie, daaa...

Saturday, January 07, 2006

My complicated story..

He's now at my place. We all arrived at 5.30 am and abah fetched us at R&R. This is a complicated story. Yesterday somewhat we had planned not exactly happened. We took a bus to kl at 6.30 pm...and as usually i always got my ticket to mersing by transional, but unlucky the ticket all sold out.
"Sorry adik, esok adelah tapi kul 11.30 mlm,"a sellerman said.
I totally worried and try looking my watch showed 11.25 pm. Ouchh...what's life...
me: Camne ni abg? Komuter sure dah xde nak balik umah akak, umah abg pun tak bleh. Syg kol dieorang key fetch syg kat pudu, and abg buy laa tiket jb sekarang.
abg: Tu ade ker mersing lagi tu, try tanye hurry syg!!
me: I never know bout this bus darling.(starring worried at him)
Then, suddenly he bought two tickets and went to platform so quickly. I dunno what actually played in his mind.. mad of me ke?? Our seat at the back 33 and 34. He didnt speak to me never a word!! I phoned my dad and tell him about my sayang accompanied me. Alhamdulillah, my parents so understanding. Thanks Allah. I try to speak with him but no respons at all. He pretend try to sleep. I just dont know what to do except be a silent. About 5 minutes later, he hold my hands and says his sorry. I know his feeling...
abg: sorry syg, takkan syg tak tau langsung pasal bus nie?
me: betul laa..never know
abg: okaylaa.. abah,mak ok tak?
me: dah settle, sampai abah suruh call.
We had a wonderful journey..hehehe *secret maa...
My parents took him jalan2 pantai air papan and whole mersing town. Wah.. second time he came here...dah berani call my mum, "mak"..what's that mean dear ;-) He will back JB this evening. His brother achik is warded in Hosp Sultanah Aminah, Johor Bharu. Hopes everything gonna be okay.Steady abg!!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Face it nanie!!

Today i got a msg from sumone that makes me 'blur' for a while..i'm thinking that is it actually i'm in reality now. A best friend try to sacrife for her lover. I know it might hard to face it but i know she is really strong person. I've no idea at this moment...my heart cannot describe a thing. Yet this problem is actually involves my sayang's life. Hmm..quite difficult to get thru the reality. But i still remind to my self.. i was in this situation last season. I knew she can as what i've been thru before. On my second thought, we cannot controll everything going perfect..but we must believe that the greater Allah knows everything the best for us. Hmm..some funny happened just now when one of my roomates Diana makes joking and she try making a quiz on some local food(kuih) hahaha...

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Sweet memory..2006!!

New Year has comes at last! Such a good start for me to make life becomes more proper?? I wish!! So I already answered for some of my friends’ questioned “Nanie, what your wish for this new year?” well, carry forwardlaa last year punyer..hehehe! (“,) I was celebrated new year at kl with him. Outspoken actually we celebrated for our day..so coincidentally laa with new year. Thanks for the sweet greeting friends (ct nor dyana, nisa, nor aida, suraya, syazwani) :-) I was keep trying to reply sms to them on time but the coverage was soo busy..ahh tension maa!! “Esok pg try lagi..” he said. Hurm…;-( We all hang out at Star hill and KLCC..erm so okaylaa everything going soo perfect. Thanks honey..