Friday, June 30, 2006

Thanks so much to fizi my fren coz settlekan prob me+abg for our business.. fuhh!! soo happy and grateful!! kalau tak.. mmg penatlah nak pikir camner laa nak settlekannyer.. Hm skrg nie abg ckp dah bleh tido nyenyak ;-) actually not 100% laa.. tapi at least dah boleh tarik nafas lega.. alhamdulillah! sumting that had caught my attention.. bout nasib!! fate!! all people around us have different type of life, journey, hopes..and everything it's just not same to each other. Hmm nasib seseorang tu tak samer kan.. life have been turn ups and downs.. so do i! Hmm camner nasib brazil and france plak yer ;-) hehehe tibe2 citer pasal bola (^_^) just wait n see laa who's da champion of this world cup 2006.. abg target final nie german vs brazil hurm??? me?? i just hope brazil tak buat sebarang embrassment laa tak masuk final memang memalukan!! ;-P but i still worry... tahun 1998 hurmm remember tak??? france dgn brazil 3-0.. by da way.. tunggu sajer laa penantian ini. England sorry laa am not interested laa hehehe...tonite german vs argentina

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Erm.. it's been a few days am not bloging. Actually i just came back from shah alam my sis's. Before that visited my niece ( my bro's daughter) in hospital serdang. Cian hannah..;-( well, byk sbnrnyer yang dah berlaku since previous days nie. Alang-alang dah ade kat shah alam.. i took this chance to figure out my problem at uitm shah alam. Baru nanie tahu begitu mudah sekali jalan penyelesaiannya. Emm, betullah setiap masalah tu ade jalan penyelesaian cuma nak atau taknak jer rite.. A last my status had already corrected ;-) yes!! hehe.."tamat" my diploma!! dan yan paling penting bila dah settle pasal status tu, pihak uitm then bagi surt tawarn sambung degree hehe.. yahoo!! hurm.. i got food tech, alhamdulillah (^_^) registration day on 9/7 nie.. kelakar laa dapat jumpe semula classmate dulu. I got same course with diana (my ex-rumate) so it's not big deal laa.. bleh gi klas samer2 nanti. Cuma the prob now, kiteorg tak dapat penempatan kolej ;-( for this time ex-dip kena stay luar, so the best solution.. we cari rumah sewa area seksyen 2 and 7 sbb dekat sket kan. But i still hope that we have chance to stay at college. About abg, he's the most excited when i told him. What ever is i'll try my best for my degree..insyaAllah! Masa kat shah alam, before tau dapat uitm, nanie dah excited nak gi kutpm, bioperubatan.. hmm, abg plak encourage me a lot when met him at my sis's place. So now i have to refresh back my thought.. *sigh*

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Im out of mood today.. not only today but a few days ;-( Finally i burst into tears this evening.. I was driving actually but suddenly i feel sumthing warm oozed fr my eyes... i know i cant keep it any longer.. To be frank.. i try to conceal it since few days.. But it seems i was lying to myself.. Nope.. i wasnt actually.. i just wanted to prove tht I AM OK...huh! it's so hard for me to face tht i not like my frens who can go ipta for further their degree.. i was failed in upu application. But it's sound weird coz sum of them got cgpa below than me!! So finally i discovered from my lec (ketua prog) that actually i have problem on my manuscript!! it's saying that am not already qualified from status tak tulis tamat!!! haih!!! damn!! so i try again and hopefully this time my prob can solve as soon as possible.
But by da way, i actually more interested to further at kutpm- biomedicine. I feel this course have a bright still in dilemma! Abg said,"syg try smbyg istikarah bayk2 and doa selalu, whateva u choose i always beside u and support u..just think which one is the best for yr future darling." Emm.. susahnyer nanie nak buat pilihan.. i know abg harapkn sgt nanie dapat smbg blaja cepat and keje..i will try my best to make my good decision. Nanie jgk tak nak hampakan mak abah..despite of this, i really really confused!! Ya Allah, kuatkan semangat ku untuk terus berjuang ..berikan petunjuk kepadaku agar kudapat panduan untuk terus berjuang dan berjuang kerana Mu ya Allah!!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Fred shot one gol for brazil which made they won 2:0 with australia =) that's why i never regret to choose them hehe..their skill very superb!! they play football like they're dancing in da middle of da field!
About me
Nothing special.. seperti biasa menjalankan kewajipan as a daughter hehe.. cleaning house + masak lauk tghari..baru jer lepas fuhh!! for today nanie masak kari kepala ikan style mamak gitu yay me!! sayur campur carrot,corn,emm masuk skit cendawan and kobis hehe.. then grg sket ayam tau2 jelaa iwan bukan suka sgt makan ikan..haih :- geram seh!! sumer dah already prepared just waiting for them back home; iwan sekolah..mak and abah balik keje makan samer..
About abg
This morning ari yang ditunggu abg telah tiba at last =) kul 9.00am he had his paper final for da short cos sem. So hopefully everything comes out smoothly since u have already prepared enough for that could be tough well i dunno know.. just try your best darling!! am now waiting for your call dear..
I end here.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

What do u think of this photo above? holland's player with costa rica's player.. hurm they leading against the match 2:1 well it's good enough for giving a big smiling ;-D

Well done my team hehehe ;-P keep it up!!!
Argentina and Netherlands are both through to the last 16. The Ivory Coast just coul not get that equalizer that would have kept them in with a hope - even though it would have been faint - going into the last game.

The Dutch look to have a good side but so far they don't look to be a great one. But there is a long way to go.

As for the Ivory Coast that's twice they've gone behind by two goals in the first half. No team can affoird to give an oponent a two goal start at a World Cup. They are a nice team going forward but the defense is poor.

Man of the Match - Robin Van Persie. He scored one, had a part in the RVN goal, cleared a certain goal off the line, and generally contributed to the Dutch cause.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Today is abah's birthday ;-) hurm may Allah bless u always.. mmuahh! Actually nanie sempat antar sms jer kat abah this morning sbb he is not in here, he's out station at PJ. Tp abah akan pulang this midnite i guess. Last nite i slept at 4.45 am.. fuhh saje2 layan polland team tu pun abg ajak teman die.. mcmlaa duduk satu rumah. tapi main2 sms laa. About england smlm last2 minute baru nak sumbat goal haih tu nasib baik leading klau tak not worth jerk tgk but overall england got many chance to score almost seven times. Hurm Peter Crouch..

At last Rooney masuk jgk ganti Owen min ke-58 as i know Rooney actually be a reserve player for next match with sweden ;-) tu laa.. kena jgk turun huhu.. but at last england vs trinidad 2:0
Oh yaa.. tonite as usual my fav team akan beraksi hehe holland semestinye Netherland vs Ivory Coast. Hopefully they can beat Ivory habis habisan. This match will consider to qualify mara ke pusingan kedua. Hero2 holland like nistelrooy, robben, cocu dan lain2 menjadi harapan jurulatih Basten. So cant wait to watch =) emm abg cakap die dulu suka la holland skrang byk pemain baru.. whateva dear.. key..daa~

Thursday, June 15, 2006

I m waiting for world cup match which that i'm not really consider with this team but it sumhow interested me to watch.. england vs trinidad&tobago. Everyone have noticed that england team is the most popular with their hansome2 players emm beckham, owen. gerrard.. but it's that their popularity makes them to be the most interested team?? well, u can judge yrself rite.. for me brazil is the one =) there is no doubt Brazil could be da champion. He is not only holding that title, but he has a very great..superb skills! So fabulous! Abg ;-) dont stare at me like that hehe.. (last world cup; england was his fav team..but now suddenly he choose chezch repub..) (^_^) well abg, u got yr serve ;-) just wait and see yaa!

Hm.. yesterday i felt down..really! There's sumting had broke my heart ;-( i'm hurt.. i still wondering what actually happened exactly?? i was told by him that i've told sumone that he was dead??? i assumed this issue has already spread out to some of my frens..ouchh!! what's life.. i really appreciated the precious moment that we shared even i knew he might think that i am at the another side. For u, nanie harap awak tak terperangkap dengan cerita2 yang nanie rasa awak sendiri boleh tentukan samada ia betul atau tidak. It is just awak mungkin keliru dgn semua ini tapi nanie tak pernah ade niat nak jatuhkan kawan sendiri..nauzubillah! Sorry la kalau sbb nanie awak berubah.. nanie tak penah lupe kawan2!

Sumting that caught my plain thought,
There is a cause for every effect, a reason for everything that happens.I might have a broken heart before.. or I might been betray by someone.. or cry for been left behind but I no longer fear of facing life... Not feeling wretched for things happen as it just a small obstacle towards my destiny. Since I believe there is a reason of what God destined for me. As simple as I think, If things doesnt goes this way before, I wont meet those people today.. and I wont be where I am today.. It's all counted as experience. The only thing I want now is doing my best at the moment, and letting the result take care of it self..

Each day I live..
I want to be a day to give
The best of me I'm only one but not alone..
My finest day is yet unknown I broke my heart..
Fought every gain..
To taste the sweet..
I face the pain..
I rise and fall..
Yet through it all this much remains..

To Allah i pray..

Grant me the serenity
To accept the things I cannot change,
The courage to change things I cannot accept,
And the wisdom to hide the bodies
of those people I had to wipe out today
because they ticked me off.
And i beg for Allah help me
Help me Allah..

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The World Cup 2006 has just been started. Philipp Lahm scored the first goal of the World Cup from an wonderful kick in the 6th minute. Germany is leading against Costarica 4:1.Everyone in this world ot fever world cup haih.. (^_^) include me?? yes! am the one who are waiting this world cup. Sumone asked me.. nanie, sokong mane? hm.. of course i choose brazil hehe.. i know sum people may think that brazil team must disqualified from world cup ;-) well.. well.. it's free to choose which most team u like rite huhu. But i also choose holland for my 2nd favorite. Yesterday i quite disappointed laa..japan vs australia dont get me wrong yaa.. i just support asia team why not?? They scored all goals in the last eight minutes, when I had started to become a bit exciting..ouchh.. at last japan lose 1:3
Tonight Brazil are on, and with their talent and ability, one can only hope that Croatia does not embarass itself by conceeding too many goals..hehehe! Cant wait for it 3.00 am yaa...

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Aloha.. how to start ya.. hmm nanie baru balik dr kerteh, trganu sbb antar rombongan my kazen abg Fariz getting married there. Well, majlis akad nikah berlangsung di masjid kerteh. I have been two days and we all stayed at Lodge Kerteh. Everything comes out smoothly..alhamdulillah. Okie ini sebahagian gmbr nanie and family.

Now i still get fever.. my mom too. My mom cakap die jangkit dr uya anak sedara nanie ;-) erm ntahlaa.. kuat plak virus si uya nie ek?? sumtimes ade masanyer kite tak boleh menyatakan isi hati kite keseluruhan di sini .. i know this is my place where can i brag anything..and where can i share my heart from my plain thought..but not all that i might feel that soo confidential things to chew here.
I think lately am being a bad friend..really.. i feel that am too selfish. I dunno laa.. i wanna be sumone that everyone can accept me as long as they need me..but somehow i just like what they might think. I really really sorry my friends..
What can i say here,
Tuhan itu Maha Adil, Maha Mendengar, Maha Menyayangi & Maha Pengampun. It's clearly stated today. No matter how we keep on making mistakes, forgetting our duties; The Almighty God will always give us chances to be a better person. And HE will always faith upon us.Oh God! I really don't know if i still have my faith of myself anymore to face the future life. Guide me Dear God, even i rarely gets what i want from YOU, but i always get what i need. And all i need is now a little serenity, patinece, guidance, heart & will power and Faith. May YOU always be by my side no matter what. Amin.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Malam tadi nanie demam dan badan berbintik2 gatal..i thought that i got chicken pox!! uhh... but sbnrnyer nanie baru tau that nanie allergic dgn crabs!! yay me.. cian seh.. my favorite ratah ketam goreng apetah lagi kalau BBQ.. ape boleh buat.. terpaksa laa kan... So that nanie tido awal jugaklaaa.. kul 8 pm sbb demam kan.. then my mom kejut sbb nanie tak dinner lagi, i checked my sms.. fuhh.. 3 sms from abg. The first one he said he went out wif pudin nak makan luar uitm arau.. so it's ok wif me.. nothing dude!! The second one.. he asked me buat ape..senyap ajer.. hmm this one pun nanie relax.. n terasa guilty sket sbb tak bgtau nanie demam n tido.. and the third one.. memang pelik seh! he said dont trust anything if a*** or **z**** cakap's just abg tak suka fitnah2 nie.. so then nanie trus bals sms n asked him what's going on actually??? i know there's must be sumting that he hide from me.. so then he reply back my msg.. he explained to me that abg jumpa his classmate a gal (must be laa) for copy lab report.. ahaaa.. i've noted this case must be happened.. nanie relax and very cool dgn citer2 camni.. for me as long as abg tak timbulkan any problems wif our relationship so then i'll be ok.. i just assumed tht abg ade sbb tersendiri.. maybe to settle down his problem then br jumpe that gal.. i dunno laa.. benda tu nanie tak nampak.. abg pun dah terangkan everything.. nanie hanye trime shj.. doa itu semua adalah betul.. and if there's sumting he hide from me.. Allah Maha Mengetahui.. barulah nanie sedar.. hubungan jarak jauh nie betul2 menguji kami.. kepercayaan n kesetiaan.. After this.. kami akan sentiasa jauh untuk mengejar impian masing2 dan diharapkan walaupun jauh hubungan kami tidak akan berubah sama sekali..malah makin lama makin sayang..makin lama mkin erat.. insyaAllah!! Am waiting him come down to my home in 2 weeks more!! fuhh.. tak sabar rasanyer.. i've missed him soo much!!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Today my sis and her two daugthers will back sweet home. My mom and dad the most excited person.. early morning gotong-royong clean up all side up n down my house.. me?? sleeping.. at ten am woke up!! huh last nite me slept at 3am reading n ntah summore stuff giler2 i have done. So helped my mom at kitchen.. wow so much variety dishes wanna prepared?? haih.. like 10 years have not seen her gal (my sis lorrr!!) yay me (^_^) perhaps their grandchildren i guess huhuu... okies.. my sis, iya wanna use pc now.. uhhh kacau seh!! i will continue later..daaa~
Awan berarak kencang.. angin sepoi-sepoi bahasa.. eceh.. try nak bermadah plak seh!! huhuhu.. hmm, ari nie nak tulis bm jerk...kah..kah..kah!! dah dua ari tak menjengukkan diri kat blog nie. dulu kata nak berhenti, tapi tiba2 terasa sayang sangat!! hurm, tak nak lah berhenti menulis di sini. Nanie suka menulis jd kalau dah takde blog nie nak tulis kat mana lagi kan??? ;-)
Sekarang nie asyik duduk kat rumah jer.. jd tukang masak ari2.. ape bleh buat kan.. dapat keje taknk gi.. hahaha!! ntahlah.. tapi bagus jugak =) boleh tgk tv puas2..tido puas2.. makan puas2 tu jerlah nanie tau yer!! tv + mkn + tido = keja tetap di rumah.. huhu..
Hurm.. dalam kepala nie macam2 masalah ader, tapi kan org kata kite tak bleh lari dari masalah kan.. tapi masalahnyer skrang..masalah tu yg tgh kejar nanie skrang uwaa!! ;'( cam ner nie.. takut yer!! harap2 kawan nanie tu dapat tolong nanie and abg cepat2 plez laa.. tak tahan dah tanggung nie.. i juz cant stand anymore!!!
Sbnrnyer td geram sgt2 kat abg.. mane taknyer.. tak bincang ape2pun trus bg msg "syg... abg gi langkawi dgn pudin 2org.Doakan kiteorg pergi dan balik.." hurmm memang kenalaa.. tapi sbb last minute..ok..ok!! Pastu yang tak tahan boleh call plak mak abah nak pesan aper.. elehh.. nak amik ati nanie lah tu.. whateva laa darling.. asal u have fun there!!
Esok iwan akan naik bus sendiri ke kl for his first time tu beb hehe.. sbnrnye nak balik umah akak.. then akak akn balik ke sini same2 saran uya..naik bus..sbb tu iwan kena teman kena tolong jage sara n uya dalam bus nanti. Keta akak dah abis road tax so tak renew lagi..
Hurm.. about me.. nak naikkan berat badan laa.. camner ek..dah makan banyak nie.. tu laa high metbolisme laaa nie.. ahakss!! (^_^)
Tak sabar nak tunggu akak, sara n uya datan cni. My mom and dad lagi laa.. rindu cucunda2 huhu.. okey laa.. nape mate ni so hard to shut nie!! tak ngantuk...masalah...masalah!! yay..