Monday, June 30, 2008

Holiday ;-p

My Kimmi
Hi peeps!! Havent appear online for a long time i guess.. My ongoing life seem didnt spare enuf time for me to appear online for leisure at most time.. i shud admit am quite missing here.. Sorry for that.. (hahaa.. does people care much about me anyway..wonder myself huh..) i myself almost forget when was the last time i is becos each time i had sum issues to write about.. i wud always stucked with works and commitments.. and I have like a zillion drafts somewhere in the web drive plus my lappy and summore plus up in my head... Sheesh! Procrastinating?!!! Busy?!!! above all the reasons.. It is just I don't have much luxury time these days..not tht am over utilised but still the left time is for the sake of myself..almost a half year..well what can i say..
Hooraaayyy am home!!.. Finally did finished my exam.. did clear all the mess.. hah i can breath now!! actually i've been homesick since 2 month ago.. But due to so many thing tht i should not to mention here.. it takes me to wait until i did my final exam.. hurmm absolutely am a homey type.. But i always have a thought tht i would try my best to serve everyone at home.. This a promise i always made to myself.. i really miss my mum and abah.. my sibs.. my cutetiy nieces..sara,uya and last da newborn damia;-) Yeahh all of them.. It is how i wish i would never have to go and stay away fr them again.. but i know cant help with tht..Okey..njoy my 2 weeks holiday..