Thursday, December 29, 2005

Celebrate our day (^_^)

It’s been a long time I’m not entry here rite. These previous days I’m totally busy with my registration for my last semester ;-) obvious hopes that this my last sem in jengka hehehe…So I finally got everything on my list when my shopping time last week. (my mom looks sumting on me (^_^) yay!!) Seriously it was soo happy moment. On 25th Christmas day to be exact, my syg and i went back jengka by bus. Opss...yesterday was our special day, third anniversary supposedly to say kut (“,) we all just having lunch jer but we got sum planning on this coming Saturday sounds like to celebrate we used to say. Cant wait anymore..My syg started busy wanna us ‘layan’ baik punya cilok!! Yet I big surprised coz he actually not certainly enjoy malay film..hmm maybe Aflin Shauqi is the most reason makes his mind changes, I guess laa. Lalala…Happy New Year!! Welcome 2006!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Hmm..nothing much to say, put something new here
songs by,
+ A4- meteor garden II theme song (i'm addict wif this movie (",))
+ Neil Sedeka- you mean everything to me ( dad's fav song
+ abg reached kl at 8.30 pm just now, he went by bus wif 2 kids (anak kakngah) sweet (@_@)
+ to yatie,
"..ade hikmah di sebalik aper yang strong ok?? remember..ko still ade aus, aku n apiz tau.."
Okies, i try to sleep early and want to have a such beautiful time waking up next day..yay me!! Nite..(^_^)

My final exam result???

I look around..i just wanna smile..yay!! What for?? Last nite i was sitting in front pc..keep view my uitm website which was soo traffic (^_^) wooo...
abg: syg try laa..dun give up..u know..try and error!!
me: well..i try laa nie,bosan seh..nanti syg bgtau,sabaq..sabaq!!
At last, at i can open that website wif a big nervous..
Alhamdullilah, everything was fine. The result not very good actually. But overall i'm very soo grateful..Thanks Allah!!
I cant wait for tomorrow;
@ it's shopping time+cinema..going to kl
@ we will have gathering (whole my family)
@ meet abg

Love this song?? hmm...

You're beautiful

My life is brilliant,
My life is brilliant,
My love is pure,
I saw an angel
Of that i`m sure,
She smiled at me on the subway,
She was with another man,
But i won`t lose no sleep on that
`Cause i`ve got plan..

You`re beautiful,You`re beautiful.
You`re beautiful it`s true..
I saw your face in a crowded place
And i don`t know what to do,
`Cause i`ll never be with you..

Yes she caught my eye,
As we walked on by..
She could see me from my face that i was
Flying high,
And i don`t think that i`ll see her again,
But we shared a moment that will
last till the end..

You`re beautiful,You`re beautiful.
You`re beautiful it`s true..
I saw your face in a crowded place
And i don`t know what to do..
`Cause i`ll never be with you,
You`re beautiful,You`re beautiful,
You`re beautiful it`s true..
There must be an angel with a smile on her face,
When she thought up that i should be with you,
But it`s time to face the truth
I will never be with you

p/s: i'm not totally finished my duty (packing my stuff..oppss!!!) tonite lalala...('_') mom and abg dont worry..almost finished!!!How bout u my dear..hehehe.....

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Remind me about what??

I just want to say this to a good friend of mine.

I'll be there when you're down.
I am always here when you're lonely.
I know that you're not in a good mood right now.
Someone has hurt your feelings, I guess.
But hey, just forget it. It's the nature of life.
Friends do come and go. Just let them be.
It's hard to take care of everybody's feelings.
You said you're a good pretender.
Well, how about emotionally ? ;P
Don't let other people affects your life.
If they want you, okay "Step on fren..".
If they don't, fine kthxbye.
You can walk by yourself. No problem.
Because we will never leave you. ;)

I love peanut butter and bread. The simplicity of it makes it so irresistable and so heavenly you just can't have only one. Huuuu. You can tell that I've been eating a lot of it since yesterday when I bought bread and peanut butter out of boredom.
I had such a tough time waking up this morning @_@ but somehow I managed so yay me! I was planning to sleep early last night (well, earlier than usual) after I updated my blog but, yerp, you guessed it - I didn't. Ended up sleeping around 3 a.m. Why? Cuz I was watching cinemax while 'sms'ing's 3am and im not yet asleep and not even pack my bags yet. lalala

So..this morning,
mom: nanie dont u pack yr things already??
me: oppss..okay mak i will packing tonite..takde moodlaa!
mom: make
sure buat!! (uishh..)
abg: syg dah abis pack barang? abg
ptg nie..esok gi kl dah..kemas betul2 jangan ade yang tertinggal (sound's familiar laa;-P)
me: abg,syg kemas tonite.

Hmm..everbody be concerned on me?? just because of packing things or..?? hmm..i'm thinking..

Dancing on the Edge of Reality...

A world of dreams and visions,
Existing in places that dance upon the edge of reality!
Moments shared in a timeless eternity
Where the heart can waltz upon the winds of tomorrows.
Velvet soft whispers fall like kisses from the heavens,
Caresses lighter than the butterfly embracing the rose!
This the world on the edge of reality!
Soft the sounds found here,
Serenades as endless as the waves upon the seas,
Blissful place of peace whose treasures tell of tales beyond time.
For here in this place,
Dancing of the edge of reality,
A world is found in a smile,
A lifetime is known in a kiss.
And even forever passes all to quickly,
When time is measured by the beating of your heart

Ahh.. is this call reality?.. when we have to face sumthing in which unfavorable for us.. when we have to play a win-lose game.. when sumtimes people use to forgone sumthing/sumone they used to luv.. am wondering today.. am i missing sumthing here.. yeah i mean for the last 342 days before... (perhaps) Nah!! or maybe i should return to my resolution checklist last year.. shall check it back..but i know tht i've sumthing.. sumthing i wont lost for tonite.... am happy with tht.. this is the last.. yes i mean THE LAST!!! (shall i made a promise here??) Thanks for the dance.. =) ( haha am i dancing?? yeah am dancing in my heart.. maybe..) Only ALLAH knows the best!!

Am Thinking of this few lines..

Allah didnt promise days without pain, laughter without sorrow, sun without rain, but He did promise strength for the day,comfort for the tears, and light for the day. BE TOUGH!

P/s: i'm just received a sms from my sayang.. a bit from it, "..Dkt dr pdNy agar hati syg mjd tenang (",).." Subhanallah..alhamdulillah..well, finally i burst into tears!! (our top secret..i guess) Thanks abg for that msg..mmuahh!! 4 days to go...

Sunday, December 18, 2005


I miss him so much!! there still have 7 days to go... uwaaa!!! ;-(
Be patient nanie... steady and relax okay nanie...what to do!!

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Best banana split!! Yummy....

Banana split..hmm so delicious!! Makan sekali tak nak lagi bleh?? nothing special..just my banana split hehehe...
But..i miss bangat sama abg ;-(
ppss.. my sayang on da way to melaka ikut paklong dr singapore. Take care ya!!
Next week i will going to KL's shopping time hehehe..

@ hand bag
@ sandle (want a simple one for my kuliah?? hope so..hehe..)
@ novels > new by Tony Parsons and Norhayati Ibrahim (cant wait;-p)
@ some make up stuff (oucchh!! i need ka??)
@ blouse (yet i dont have any purple color in my wardrobe ;-/)

>okies, miss my bucyuk ;-* going to bed ahhh....

Friday, December 16, 2005


Hmm..tomorrow my parent come back from out station..very pleased wif that news!! Same wif ibu (my syg's mom) back from malacca(kampung) hehehe...on da other hand, we all tak lagi dapat telefon (gayut??;-)) lelamer as previous days nie..wah lawak plus smart plus naughty jugak yerk abg nie..ibu takde mulaler nak kol kwn sana..kwn sini abg nak kena yer??hehehe..(well i'm just kidding!!). I'm having fever laa now ;-/ (ade hikmahnye)
Hmm..i'm telling u my closed fren already got a job..i'm very happy wif that yatie!!
That msg(sms) exactly camnie laa <'Nani, aku dh dpt keje kat audit firm at tmn tun, KL..doakan aku tau'..
Hopefully u will comfortable wif a new environment yatie!! Be a smart and good worker..cayok! cayok!
My final result will come out on 21st Dec, i dont feel anything yet..
Just now i was talking wif my sayang about our t-shirt(business) i quite nervous but i hope our dreams not just a dream, InsyaAllah!!

...@>----miss him :-*

A Shoulder To Cry On ;-)

Life is full of lots of up and downs,
but the distance feels further,
when it's headed for the ground,
and there's nothing more painful,
than to let your feeling take,
you down.

It's so hard to know,
the way you feel inside,
when there's many thoughts,
and feeling that you hide,
but you might feel better,
if you let me walk with you,
by your side,

And when you need,
A shoulder to cry on,
when you need,
a friend to rely on,
and when the whole world is gone,
you won't be alone,
cause i'll be there,
i'll be your shoulder to cry on,
i'll be there,
i'll be yur friend to rely on,
when the whole world is gone,
you won't be alone cause i'll be there,

All of the times,
when everything is wrong,
and you're feeling like,
there's no use going on,
you can't give it up,
i'll help you work it out,
and carry on,

Side by side,
with you till the end,
i'll always be the one to firmly hold your hand,
no matter what there said or done,
our love will always continue on,

Everyone need a shoulder to cry on,
everyone need a friend to rely on,
when the whole world is gone,
you won't be alone,
cause i'll be there,
i'll be your shoulder to cry on,
i'll be there,
i'll be your friend to rely on,
when the whole world is gone
you won't be alone,
cause i'll be there,
you have my shoulder to cry on,
i'll be there
i'll be the one to rely on,
when the whole world is gone,
you won't be alone,
cause i'll be there,

And when the whole world is gone,
you always have my shoulder to cry on.

Sunday, December 11, 2005


It's very hard to think sumting that far from the beginning. When i been hurt wif sumone i totally want to cry. So sad if this happened. My sayang had called me just now mayb he is being worried when i gave him sum weird sms, well i guess laa.. Thanks dear!! I will show to 'you' sayang and i will be somebody, InsyaAllah! Am i rite dear..we will try our best!!

Sunday, December 04, 2005


I just come back from Kuantan. Actually for my old neighbour's wedding.There's a most thing i want to tell..hehehe..i met sumone that i never meet about 6 years. My old schoolmate, Siti Nor Diyana..she's now more looks lady and pretty hehehe..we met at Megamall. Terkezut!! Say about MEMORY sum will definite MEMORY as the treasure house of the mind where in the monuments there of are kept and preserved..
I was been in Kuantan for many years...where's my childhood be hehe..So u cant imagine how much memories that i built. Terlampau byk...sweet..bitter!! My love at first sight,(my syg u already know hehe..) my first experience to be prefect..involved in seni silat tournaments!! ahh...banyak lagilaa..Teringat when i was form 3 (Tengku Afzan girls school), kiteorang buat party kat T.C (Teluk Cempedak) jalan kaki sambil climb Bukit Pelindung (dpn sek je) memang superb laa!!=)
Oopss says bout TC we all sempat laypark semalam..Enjoy eating McD and ice cream! Ramai jugak orang..i guess becos now is school holiday no wonder laa. We stayed at Vistana hotel semalam it's quite reasonable price..
Hmm..tomorrow ayah (my syg's dad) going to Mecca..hopefully everything will going smoothly..InsyaAllah!! Sumer sedara my sayang datang ari ini sebab buat kenduri doa selamat.."darling, u are a good son u know.." (sumting dat i keep behind this hehehe)

About KUANTAN..(local food)
@ Abah will never miss to buy his KARIPAP kat Taman Gelora...(wajib beli dtg kuantan) siap makcik tu dah kenal abah("org pindh mersing dh dtg")...stall die kat tp play ground memang famouslaa karipap die tu...mesti org ramai queue ..aku pelik jugak..tgk karipap die takla lawa mane pun isi sedap agaknye!!
@ Mom plak will never miss to have mee kari kat Tanah Putih near sg Pahang's bridge...dulu stall mee kari nie kat belkang Pej Islam Pahang alaa sblh mahkamah tu!!
@ Aku will never miss restaurant Taj and laksa Penang Zul blkg pasar(Ocean) pergh!!! ;-P

@ My sayang and I have our precious history dot dot dot...;-)

So okaylaa.. i'm going to bed...GOOD NITE --<@

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Only time....

Who can say
where the road goes
where the day flows
- only time
And who can say
if your love grows
as your heart chose
- only time Who can say

why your heart sighs
as your love flies
- only time
And who can say
why your heart cries
when your love dies
- only time
Who can say
when the roads meet
that they might be
in your heart
And who can say
when the day sleeps
if the night keeps all your heart
Night keeps all your heart
Who can say
if your love grows
as your heart chose
- only time
And who can say
where the road goes
where the day flows
- only time

Who knows - only time

I could be listening to this song for the whole day.. This song is so self spirit for me.. it is a hearsay on myself about times.. about my sacred life.. about heart feels... It is all about life.. I dunno why lately i was so overthinked.. so concern of LIFE matter.. maybe it just apart of growing and maturity process.. Owh im so morbid at times.. As for me.. we cant really determined wat our life gonna be next..

The road is broad open and we will keep on going.. walking for miles.. but we dunno when will we stop.. where will be our last destination... and times would keep on going as we keep on walking untill we ended this life.. and untill then time would stop for us.. but may be not yet for others... I shall be thankful for the braveness.. for the strength given as to go on this Life.. yet i am still walking in this shallow street strolling around.. and excitedly waiting for surprises each day wit no fear.. Yess Life is always full of surprises event.. Far apart still looking for one to be hold together.. but sumtime this loneliness make me realise the beauties of life.. to enjoy of all i have.. to grab all the chances given.. As i know im not alone.. This emptiness had actually gives me spaces to learn more... to know more and to feel more of the great touches of my only creator Allah.. And it let me think over times..

oF an opinion... a heart..and a fren..?

It happen when a fren of mine admiring a guy and luving him with her whole heart (or shall i conceive as passioanately admires him) Sum of my fren and i were about giving our personal opinion on her private matter.. It was apart of my attention when i read one of sumone write up about " The one with past..present or future.." It was quoted wit sum important thing for unmarried people.. Few question tht we should ask about..

When you say you love somebody, is it because of the past or the future?
Do you hold on to the past? Or would you rather think of the future?

Yes it caught my attention when it comes to the 1st question as i did asked myself a few times.. when i luv sumone.. Trying to think over why did i luv sumone.. is it becos of his past or his future.. Personally for myself.. i dont much bother about his past life.. Even if he was a sleazeball before but if he had change.. It is ok.. Do focus on today.. who is he today.. If he had change.. i dont mind.. becos for me wat he did before may be just a silly mistake.. everybody does..and just let it be a shadow of yesterday.. The most important is the present day where we live today.. and summore the future we are heading to.. No matter how bad the things before or the person has been.. But things can change.. maybe for sum it requires time to learn and to have improvement..

But as long as u think it really worth for you.. Just go for it.. Selagi ade daya.. Selagi ade upaya.. Just put ur best.. Yess.. it is true when we really in luv wit a person.. or we're so mad of sumthing or sumone.. u would just wanna put ur best effort in winning.. But it is all God will.. I do pray the best for u.. This is just sum scratches ideas tht we could shares.. i just hope tht u're enjoying ur life onwards.. :) my sayang, u are my life!!

All My Way...=)

My way- Frank sinatra
And now, the end is here
And so I face the final curtain
My friend, I'll say it clear
I'll state my case, of which I'm certain
I've lived a life that's full
I traveled each and ev'ry highway
And more, much more than this, I did it my way

Regrets, I've had a few
But then again, too few to mention
I did what I had to do
and saw it through without exemption
I planned each charted course
each careful step along the byway
And more, much more than this, I did it my way
Yes, there were times,
I'm sure you knew
When I bit off more than I could chew
But through it all, when there was doubt
I ate it up and spit it out
I faced it alland I stood tall and did it my way
I've loved, I've laughed and cried
I've had my fill, my share of losing
And now, as tears subside, I find it all so amusing
To think I did all thatAnd may
I say, not in a shy way
"Oh, no, oh, no, not me, I did it my way"
For what is a man, what has he got?
If not himself, then he has naught
To say the things he truly feels
and not the words of one who kneels
The record shows I took the blows
and did it my way.. Yes, it was my way

Noted this is an oldie song by Frank Sinatra.. but it still be one of my favorite on list.. Those that remind me about being myself.. Yeah.. after so many ups and down been passing thru.. of all my way to here.. Im sure everyone got their singular path.. it of cos cant be the same.. Maybe sum people might says.. "Too bad if u think u r too good.." But hey, come on!!.. im no here for a big talking but personally i dont think it's sumthing bad to feel good about ourself.. sumthing worth rewarding.. just for the sake of motivation and self-help!! ;)