Thursday, October 18, 2007

The final exam is just around the corner..
"Ya Allah persiapkanlah hambaMu ini dengan pemahaman dan ingatan pada segala pembelajaran yang aku pelajari siang dan malam. Kau berkatilah segala usahaku ini, sesungguhNya Kau Maha Mengetahui dan Maha Besar."
My first paper will be on 22nd of October. Really scared but i promise, i will do my best.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Hello guys..
Frankly speaking, i really enjoy every advertisements which brought by Petronas especially during Hari Raya's kind of humanisme..sense of moral value that can make me feel think and determine sumting..And for this year..once again my heart again and again guys,

Well, today 3 Syawal.. all my family be gathered at my new home. Akak and abg fizi pun baru hari nie nak balik beraya bersama2 kami. Very happy.. dah lamer sgt tak bersua muka..berpeluk cium..dgn anak2 sedare. Rindu sgt-sgt maktih pada korang bertiga. And i have a gud news.. insyaAllah.. next year, anak sedara akan bertambah lagi 2 org.. akak n kak ida serentak pregnant. :-P their due date will be on May next year, alhamdulillah.
One more thing, today merupakan hari pertunangan my bestfren yati and aus. For yati, "I'm truly sorry my dear sbb aku and apiz xdpt menghadiri hari sejarah korang. As i told u earlier.. today also my mom nak buat warming house..tahlil skit bersama family (adik-beradik abah). And apiz plak.. dia masih beraya bersama family di Melaka. But dont u worry..insyaAllah when yr coming wedding day..we will be there! that's apiz's word.So, semoga korang diredhai dan diberkati oleh Allah. Hadapi hari2 yang mendatang ini dengan iman yang kuat. Slamat bertunang dari aku and apiz."
Till then..

Friday, October 12, 2007

How time flies, day after tomorrow it will be Eid'l Fitri. So I'm here wishing you..
Selamat Hari Raya & Maaf Zahir Batin
May the blessings of Ramadan continue to shower upon us as we celebrate its ending! =) Besides, I am trully sorry for the unconstant updates.. I wish i might write more here.. but it seem my schedule lately has come too tight.. So i only manage to write while i really have time and sumtimes during my lab as a free time...
As most of us was acknowledge about our 1st astronout stories.. YES.. We had a blast on October 10 (last wednesday).. i am among those citizen who would like to convey the feeling of proud for his achievement and wud like to congratulate Dr Sheikh Muszaphar .. and apart not to forget Kpt. Dr Faiz.. Basically they both are nuthing much differ from us.. They just another ordinary fella breathing on earth.. but wat makes them different is chances.. and how they take part of the chances given.. plus the courage and the unweavering belief they have along the way to keep them standing... That seperates them from others.. About Dr Sheikh Muszaphar... His 'eager'ness about space started since he was 10.. later it wasnt a surprise to learn his favorite saying is "What the mind believes, the body can achieve".

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

SO TRAAagiccc!!... the first word came thru my tongue when discovering a news reported a kid was killed horrifically..NURIN's body!!! then her body was stuffed into a sport bag..I cried..:-(
I feel badly sad when i saw her picture in the news paper.. even in death...though her battered face clearly revealed her bruised.. her face look so innocent and angelic... Am questioning myself... Why does the people dare to treat her such that.. their act is all beyond wat we as a normal human can think.. Beyond horrific.. beyond.. barbaric.. beyond evil.. who is the culprit?? Didnt they have any sense? All the question flooding in my thought over the day.. sucha horrendous fate for her... I pray to Allah to safe her soul.. and let the soul be in peace.. i pray that police wud find the devil soon.. and they shud be penalize fairly..
al-fatihah to nurin..

Well, about me.. am going back my home sweet home by next week 8th of october. hehe.. to my new house to be sms from mom sounded very happy being in own house..since after all my dad n mum very critically thinking to settled down and my brothers n sisters superb agree with them at last..
Okie, on this Saturday after test abg n me going berbuka at kl with some frens.. and hopes on Sundays my plan with mariam n yatie will come true..we all dh plan nk shopping raya hehehe...basically when am think back at my kiddo time, there's a lot things that i cant forget :-) the moments with my mum n sis bought baju raye..;-P
Mmm.. okie.. next week will be abg's besday.. what shall i buy for him? last year bj melayu...this year am still clueless...but even i back early than him expect..but dun worry honey.. i still want to celebrate yr besday this weekend :-p with indulgence cake? hehehe... daa~