Monday, March 27, 2006

i'm back!!!
before this..
too lazy to write down things
even tooo lazy to read others..
i'm full!

this semester really killing me..
each class dem bored!
whut's going on??
why i'm the lucky one to get really bored lecturer?
huh..i dunno....@_@

some more..i didnt tell about my gathering rite.. well, it was fantastic time that i've ever had..*wink*
even there were only 5 people where as everyone brought their boyfriend?? hehehe...but somehow we really enjoyed our time!!
hurm..dunno how to describe in proper situation hehehe..any how i actually really worried bout him(my syg) because he never met them all..
so curious when suddenly he told me that he wants to accompanied me..wah!! (^_^) then i gave him a big smile..yay!!
well, thanks dear.. u did a good job..hehehe...
i shall leave this for u there.. wink!!

Each day I live..
I want to be a day to give
The best of me I'm only one but not alone..
My finest day is yet unknown I broke my heart..
Fought every gain..
To taste the sweet..
I face the pain..
I rise and fall..
Yet through it all this much remains

To Allah i pray..

Grant me the serenity
To accept the things I cannot change,
The courage to change things I cannot accept,
And the wisdom to hide the bodies
of those people I had to wipe out today
because they ticked me off.

And i beg for Allah help me
to be careful of the toes I step
on today as they may be connected
to the butt that I might have to kiss tomorrow...

P/s: last but not least.. some photo in dat gathering day (^_^) *grin*

Friday, March 03, 2006

Hurmm just wanted to share this saying from mum.. =)
"Compromise is a necessary part of life.. Be sincere with urself..."
I was thinking how much important "kejujuran" in life.. It is no denial dlm hidup nih mmg perlukan kejujuran.. But it seem lately people even dare to tag price on thing such as sincerity.. honesty.. WELL.. how much one pay for the price of "jujur" actually huh??.. for me.. Too bad when it has a price.. when people could pay for it... It seems like one were putting themselve in a bargain..and definitely will lost... Personally..i have a very low respect to people who acting tht way... Tp kadang2 sebab terlalu jujur org kate kite nih betul bendul pulak.. org pijak kepala kite.. Itupun susah jugak.. Nowadays i feel like there are more of backstabbers and liars untill sumtimes i dunno who is my fren who is not.. who is sincere and who only tell lies.. well am not pointing this to anyone.. it just how my thought raving out tonite..OK guys.. i shall be sleeping now.. " The busy have no time for tears. " Hurm..Perhaps this is all true... No time for tears.. =)
I'm going to meet my old frends..eii..sooo happy...(^_^)