Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Quick Summarize from 2010~2013, wow dahsyatnyee!!

I`m back!!


After loonggggg break from blogging, now I’m back!!! hohohoho.. to my readers; prepare urself to read my karutan (or else u can go away and read other people blogs if u dont like / interested to read mine :P ) Sorry to all my dearest readers (including silent readers :-P ), I have taken a long break from updating my blog due to the limited space and time for me to spend lonngggg time mengarang ayat-ayat merapu plus currently I’m having 2 boy and one girl n tau2 je laa time2 dorang tgh membesar ni sgt2 ade limited space for myself! :) so i'll 'summarize' kan what happened to me since after i become a wife and a mom :)
1) on 31st may, 10.17 am,
officially i became a wife, alhamdulillah dgn sekali lafaz drpd Mr Abdul Hafidz Bin Kamaruddin so terharu n speechless ok.

then, our majlis resepsi bermula....

Ok,  ini pula some memorial drpd majlis resepsi sblh lelaki....ia berlangsung seminggu slps di rumahku.


opss...lupe nak letak some photos masa we all buat outdoors abis je majlis resepsi perempuan. Actually mmg dh plan nk buat shoot photo kat tepi pantai...sweet gitu kan! :)

2) on 14/03/2010 my 1st baby dilahirkan secara c-sec sebb dh berak dlm kenelah emergency operation di Hospital Selayang, Selangor. This cute boy name's is Muhammad Ammar Hadif Bin Abdul Hafidz. Ok nanti entry lain i will cerita pasal Hadif tomei ni drpd lahir until now coz so much things to share about him. :)
3) After deliver Hadif nie we all moved to Penang sbb mr hubby dpt offer keje di USM. Pasal ini pun i will cerita kt entry yg lain ye.
4) on 2/2/2012 kami pindah semula ke Selangor and decide tinggal di Bandar Saujana Putra, Selangor ats sbb dekat dgn Shah Alam, Klang, KL, Bangi, Serdang, Putrajaya dan Puchong...perumahan ni mmg strategik n di tgh2 semua kawasan..alhamdulillah :)
5) on 19/11/2012 my 2nd baby dilahirkan juga secara c-sec sbb dh kurang gerak n doc risau takut lemas. Kali ini baby dilahirkan di Hospital Serdang, Selangor. Sangat happy coz dpt seorg princess yg bernama Nurin Addina Safiyya Binti Abdul Hafidz. Nak cerita pasal baby sorang ni pun kene buat satu entry khas yg lain,,,tunggu! :)

There are too many things I want to write but my little darling Addina just woke up from her nap and I smell something ‘masam-masam’ (hahahahha). See you all later and after this I will always updating my blog .