Thursday, April 26, 2007

Whose's baby?? hehehe.. well last week i was going to sri muda, shah alam hmm steph's parents inlaw. So this is the first time i met her daughter, Jeziel 3 months alrealy..:-) so sweet..she's being so nice!! Cute!! Steph now being a mummy!! yay!! (^_^) well that's not a big deal being 23 years old and got a child.. i wish too..huhu!! A lot of exprience that we shared from them hehe.. honey, u've got listened from josh rite? ;-) hehehe.. So steph.. be a good mother yaa!! I've missed our time together. Hopefully there's a chance for us to meet again..
Okey.. for this entry..for better for worst... this is what am goin to say.. after years.. been keeping it for years then only now i realised of how much important one for me.... But sum people says.. "If luv the bird, let it fly... and so i will let it fly as it wish.."the future is yet is unknown.. and am so afraid to know that i would lost it is better if i let it fly.. because i believe if it is mine it will always be mine..Let time tells it stories..

I do swear that I'll always be there.
I'd give anything and everything
and I will always care.
Through weakness and strength,
happiness and sorrow,
for better, for worse, I will love you

always.. becos once i open my heart i wont close it..
but too bad i never let him to discover about tht..
am too scared.. am afraid of rejection.. am afraid of being misinterpret..
maybe it is best if i keep it away.. but i wont deny it with my heart.
Take care honey!!