Saturday, February 24, 2007

I just come back to normal life.. yeah..i mean am now at kl and waiting for the next step. So..okie..i dont have any good story to tell here.. but i will going watching movie..perhaps.. hehehe..ghost rider??

Thursday, February 15, 2007

I'm bloody bored now.. sitting in front of this pc almost 3 hours now and i just dont have proper mood to entry here. But i'm thinking.. i should do something. Abg still be a baby sitter of three kids out there ;-) i dont have an idea how sweet he is..huhuhu.. carry out the responsibilities like now..hopes he will be "ayah mithali" one day..Amin! :-) cant hardly wait to see him next week.
Oh ya.. my housemate, Mariam smsed me last nite and she told me she's already resign that job. In particular way, i think she's now choose the right option because i officially doesnt like her job (i dont want to tell what job she's joined before but it's sound like in investment field).. one of the reasons, she's probably more suitable to choose the job that yati had offered her once. Whatever is, hopefully she knows what is the best for herself.
As usual..after i woke up this morning, had my breakfast..abah bought me mihun goreng then finished the laundry stuff..started prepared for lunch..picked iwan at his school.hmm, now everything had changed, i mean the town so trafic..busy..soo iwan keeps his eyes more than myself when i'm driving..*wink ;-p u know like..

iwan: weh uni(called me 'uni' means 'sis'..slowlaa sket..banyak keta nie..
me: shut up!!

This thing always happened..;-| plez dont blame me if i drive fast because of i used to have that with my dad and my big bro..well they like to speed all the times..hahaha ;-) Someone asked me,"Apiz (my syg) drive laju tak?" hehehe..hmm, i just smiled. Well..he sometimes did the same also ;-P
Okie..i continue later..bye!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hi guys.. today 14th February.. hmm guess what?? people says today is "love day".. Valentine Day.. Hmm but guys, i used to never for celebrating this sorry to say this ya.. anyway, and alhamdulillah my syg (abg) do as same as my thought ;-) there's nothing to celebrate this Valentine.. and as a Muslim, i think everybody knows already rite..but it's depends on your own thoughts.. But to me, there are a lot's of another options for u to show your love.. hehehe but not in this Valentine :-P Sorry guys...(^_^)
"It might sound too good to be true, but things don't have to be hard in order to be worthwhile..." Yaa I wish so.. but things never stumble on ur feet that easy.. i've found this from one of my frens. I'm now at sweet home mersing.. yaa i dont know what to tell u but i'm happy with what i'm taking now. Anyway.. yesterday i met my old fren, uyul..we both in da same bus, hmm it's been almost 4 years we not keep in touch.. adegan 'jejak kasih' plak smlm:-) abg sempat luangkan masa temankan nanie di pudu smlm..well recently we both not always meet as before because right now we have our own work and those things need to be settled in different ways. So insyaAllah after this Chinese New Year, everything will be normal again..rite honey..
Now the clock keeps ticking.. it is 2 in the morning.. and i cant help myself to lay down..mayb i got slept too much this afternoon. I'm looking back..and thinking of what i did before..what i did right..what i did wrong to myself..looking back and fwd.. try to search w'ther i had missing sumthing.. Ooouuhhh.. i keep on baring my head this lately with sumthing... try to make it.. and am trying to be as wise as i can..i dunno w'thr i deserve sumthing good in life.. but i believe tht Allah would always heard to our prayers... So all i need is to be strong and stand still.. regardless of what people would say.. all i want now (and it is for sure) is at least not to let them down... Seeing dad and mum smiling..
I want to share a lil' bit about my work experience being a sales woman. Hmm, it's quite tough u know when we just to start to promote the things we sell then people just ignored u and said " No! Thanks!" hurm.. at that time, i've no idea to express my feelings..That's not only that.. many new things that i've learned. How to communicate with all folks of people from makcik cleaner to CEO..from stall to 5 star restaurant..from a malay to a korean people.. from a kid to pakcik-80 years old.. therefore, i have to use different words to different people. Actually so far, these experiences already polished my commucation skills and also teached me how to interact with these people and it's working u know..hehehe. And one more when i got a chance to be a clinic nurse..The reason why i quit coz they didnt give me time to pray and even that i quit that job. After the last day i worked there, i've phoned abg and told him everything.. i didnt given any rest..cant pray bully with two staff there..So the conclusion we made up..just quit. Hmm.. at least i more familiar with a few names of drugs(ubat)..and also the price of every treatments ..huhu ;-p Okie.. honey, hopes u fine there..miss u like crazy.. So i guess till here..daa!!

Sunday, February 11, 2007 long time i've not been here.. macam2 yang telah berlaku tau.
nak citer all rasenye cam xcukup masa coz now i'm at cc. To tell u bout work experience so far it's not easy thing, but must have a gut to face it!! WORK.. WORKPLACE.. hmm it's hard for me even though it's takes a lil' bit time but naturally can makes me feels how lucky me then..jd sales woman.. jd nurse kat clinic hehehe.. very funny at times but i got a lot of experience.. the precious..the value ones..
Maybe abg and me will running bigger business in few coming months, so these experiences actually courage me to be more talented and optimistic. Ok..