Thursday, December 28, 2006

Our special day celebration is today :-)

Our 4th Anniversary..
Hopes that our loves never fade and always be colourful..

There's no time to us to spend much time to go out but it just be enough to say we really enjoyed of what we've done today (^_^) even just a lil' bit moment (honey have to go work)but i cant forget it..i never forget it ;-)
This time..previous days, we struggled to make things to be clear..with all messy things..all i can say that i cant stand alone well if he's not around me..i cant live anymore without my wonderful parents and siblings..they gave me inspiration to face the messy things..Thanks everyone who walks in my life.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Bad news.. segamat gosh!!! bad flooded ;-( my kampung.. yang paling cian skali umah maksu. Teruk giler kena..even double storey but it's really scary!! dah paras dada..double storey dalam umah dah paras dada.. Ya Allah kami dapat news tu subuh2 semalam itupun makutih yang kol mommy 5.30 am. Mommy said, we all got nice slept but our kazen dah macam titanic kt sana. Unpredictable... tak penah banjir camni berlaku so everyone just speechless..
So today.. my abah ajak we all gi segamat u know abah anak sulong so his responsibility tu more laa die rasa..
okie.. hopefully nothing worst to go..bubbye!

*** my honey still working at klang..i'll meet u maybe on 25th key..

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

It’s been awhile.
a lot of things come and go, mostly feelings.
right about now these feelings are floating in my head as light as those fluffy feathers after a pillow fight.
there’s too many tunes playing in my mind as i tried to converse with the alter ego beside me and kick some sense into it,
but at the end of the day, i’d tell myself all over again,
the sick sad ending that you’ve thought you’ll have,
there’ll somehow be a silver lining on the road that takes time to reach.
enjoy life as positively as you can however the various format it’ll come.
most overused phrase in this small head of mine.
It’s already a few days till 2006 ends.
as usual, i’m just thankful im still breathing and i have more that what i expected early in the year.

happy 2007!

Friday, December 15, 2006

If you have LEFT ur DREAMs behind,
If HOPE is LOST, and If U NO Longer look AHEAD,
If ur AMBITIOUS fires are DEAD,
Then you are Old

But if FROM Life u take the BEST
And if IN Life u take the JEST
No matter how the years go by,
No matter how birthdays fly,

That passage which I happened to come across put all clearly about AGE. A physical beauty remains in younger age, but as the years goes by we became older and yet the beauty is NO Longer remain. The Physical beauty is like a bottle of Coke. It turns stale with times. but Mind is like a bottle of Wine, the longer it been kept, the better it becomes.
And for me, I might ignore about AGE and just wanna concentrates on setting out OBJECTIVES and PLANNING of things to work out. It might takes sometimes, it might takes a long path, never mind as long as I can reach the top of the hills. If this is a test and it is my destiny, I never feeling despair of wat ever God gave me. It just because GOD wanna give sum reward and so I need to be more patient and I wont push myself into rush or else i might ended life in the detriment. I want to find my happiness.....(^_^)

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Last thursday nite we all watched cinta movie..smgt giler nak tgk.Abis jer abg keja rabu tu kiteorg ke leisure damansara..tapi sia2 jer sbb rupe2 kt situ xde tayangan
movie cinta hehe kecian kami..rupe2nye tayangan perdana jer buat ctu. Then we changed to plan day we watched at JJ Bukit Raja at midnite.

It is quite a simple movie, themed on 'LOVE', and hence the title CINTA (Malay translation of LOVE.. well, at least one of the few words to describe 'love' ..)

"Age does not diminish one's capacity for love or need for companionship. The marching of time has not been kind to Elyas (Dato’ Rahim Razali), a retired schoolteacher. But despite illness and age, Rubiah (Fatimah Abu Bakar), a compassionate and kind woman sees Elyas's dignity and spirit shining through. Can you recognise the face of it, even if you have no memory of it? Does love have to end in your advancing years?"

"Love really does happen when you least expect it. An unexpected meeting leads to an unexpected depth of feeling for Azlan (Eizlan Yusuff), a wealthy, eligible bachelor who runs a publishing empire. He meets Azura (Fasha Sandha), a strong and independant if opinionated book store assistant and romantically pursues Azura. But when she falls for him, is this girl from a simple background finally good enough for him?"

"Dyan (Nanu Baharudin) is a rich, successful architect but unlucky in love. Trapped in a love triangle, Dyan is protective of her younger brother Dhani (Que Haidar), a struggling artist who seems to lack ambition. Frustrated that her brother is wasting his talents, Dyan urges him to change his life. What sacrifices are you willing to make for the one you love?"

"Ignorance is bliss. Harris (Rashidi Ishak) who has built a thriving architect's firm with Dyan, seems to have it all- a beautiful wife Airin (Rita Rudaini), a beautiful daughter, a beautiful life. Until he wakes up one day to find out that his perfect life is but an illusion. Does he fight for her to stay, or does true love mean letting go of the one you love the most?"

"Arianna (Sharifah Amani) is a young girl who is literally looking for love in the wrong places in the city with the help of a kind stranger, Taufiq (Pierre Andre), a young journalist with a struggling tabloid. By depending on the kindness of strangers, does Arianna find the love that she desperately seeks or does she finally sees the one that truly loves her?"

Overall..okayla. Abg said this story just a plain movie..
I asked him what he got..what's da moral of da story.. he said, love need patience.. love need communication.. and then i continued him.. love need trust.. love need each other to be understand every part of life.. then he gave me a big meaning smiled..

Monday, December 11, 2006

I'm back.. rindu...i miss blogging!!! Byk yang dah berlaku... i still teman abg di shah alam.. he's work while am doing our tshirt some new designs. To face obstacles need a brave spiritual.. motivation.. need patience.. sacrifices..
I wakes up everyday wit a wish that my present day would be better than yesterday.. As a saying 'Yesterday is a HISTORY.. Today is a PRESENT.. Tomorrow is a GIFT..' Ouchh.. Im really in a bad time.. suffering fr a terrible backache lateLy.. maybe due to the hectic hours i had.. lacking of rest time.. Maybe sum people might see im smiling thou they never knew wats the burden inside me.. Yeah..of cos i still could laugh a lot.. still being a cerry-merry-gal like before.. Hah but my Life isnt so easy as wat they see.. it is like a gold fish in the aquarium.. it looks happily swimming (and they even popped smily face when i fed them..) Actually wat people see never resemble wat exactly my Life is.. though i never regret for being myself.. a deep thankfulness wish to GOD.. for all the precious moment i had along my life so that i could be who i am today..
As i would select apart of the Joey Mcintyre's song which also was my fav song before....

I think that you could be Whatever you wanted to be
If you could realize All the dreams you have inside
Don't be afraid If you got something to say
Just open up your heart And let it show the way
Don't you ever wish You were someone else
You were meant to be The way you are exactly
Don't you ever say You don't like the way you are
When you learn to love yourself You're better off by far
And I hope you always stay the same Cuz there's nothing about you I would change
Believe in yourself Reach down inside
The love you find Will set you free
Believe in yourself You will come alive
Have faith in what you do You'll make it through

"When you learn to love yourself You're better off by far.." Yeah, no one would ever hurt themself..and i suppose to believe in have faith in mylife.. that's wat i should.. and May god show me the rigthous path along the way of my journey towards and only creator Allah swt.. -Amin-

P/s: I've already watched Cinta and Cicakman with him (^_^) so i'll tell here later..